My first Payment

Hello everyone,

After a long time (10 days) finally I got my payment paid to paypal.

Its a kind of a new experience to me. I am very happy. I am working hard so that I can have at least 1 payment per month. Could anyone please let me know that what was your download ratio per month. I mean how many downloads you had/have a month when you had/have 1000+ images online.

Photo credits: , Ziprashantzi.

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thank you all


Congratulations! Keep uploading!


Congratulations! Keep uploading & the second will come even faster! Cheers ;)


Congratulations on reaching your first payout! Sorry I can't help with your question, I only have 92 online :0)


Congrats, on your payment, now I guess you need to wait even more to get the money from paypal.


Congratulations for your first payment:)


well done :) I've had a slow slow month this month on this site. can't really help there as I'm sure I'm one of the few.

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