My first photo

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"Chinese Forbidden City"

This is my first photo upload to DREAMSTIME.It is a night scene of Tian'anmen in beijing china.

Tian'anmen (the Gate of Heavenly Peace), is located in the center of Beijing, which was first built in 1417 and named Chengtianmen (the Gate of Heavenly Succession).

At the end of the Ming Dynasty, it was seriously damaged by war.

When it was rebuilt under the Qing in 1651, it was renamed Tian'anmen, and served as the main entrance to the Imperial City, the administrative and residential quarters for court officials and retainers.

Now,it is a famous travel scene and landmark of Beijing China.

Welcome to Beijing.

Photo credits: Sun Xuejun.

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April 02, 2008


Your images are very nice!

April 02, 2008


Very Beautiful shot, Nice to read a little bit of the History also. Thanks for sharing.

April 02, 2008


Beautiful Shot!

April 02, 2008



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