My first photograph!

© Mani33
YES I finally uploaded something different that was approved!

This month I made my first photo taken by my OLYMPUS FE-360 pocket camera. It's a cam that I only use for personal photos due to the rejection on my first month on DT.

I confess that this month I ruined my AR because of this but it is worth it to try and fail till it works :)

I used some tips of some DT photographers had in their blogs and message boards "Sorry I don't remember references :(". I shot objects not people, I shot during the day light and centered the object...

Please tell me your opinion (possitive and negative ones)?

Cheers ;)

Photo credits: Maen Zayyad.

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Actually I do take many photos but I just keep them for me as I know they don't have enough quality for DT. It is addictive :))


This is only the beginning of your new life BEHIND the lens! Have you figured out it's addictive yet? I really love having a grip on my own world!


Yeah, who would say my 8MP loosy lence! Cheers ;)


Oh, my God! I was gone for a week and you become a photographer?!?


Claudio I promis I will if I win ;))
Patl no doubt it's a wonderful word :))


The best word you can see on DT is


Is a very good photo, Maen... If you win the assignment, buy another camera... I think


Thank you all guys. I really consider anything new I have here a step ahead... I really have to get a new machine but I can not afford it at the moment with other priorities :(
Till then I will entertain with what I have. Cheers ;)


Congrats, I many times don't have my big camera with me and only have my Sony Cyber-shot, its a 12.1MP with a Carl Zeiss lens. I have had quite a few photographs approved. Sometimes they require a little more work to get them ready to be approved. But it has been worth it.

Keep shooting!


Great image Maen! Maybe you should upgrade the camera and jump into the photo pool with the rest of us. It might play havoc with your AR, (mine's pretty sad) ,but I get more satisfaction from the images I get approved after a bit of a struggle than the ones that went through easily. It helps me to learn more I think.


well done :) you've also got some great illustrations!


Congrats, and the pic is nice. :-) But I'm not surprised with the photo from a pocket cam approved - quite many pics of my own DT portfolio are taken with Coolpix S2. ;-)


Congrats on having something from your pocket cam getting approved, I dont even bother uploading stuff I shoot with my Coolpix anymore due to rejection. I understand the AR getting dropped I uploaded 30 shots one month from my point and click and didnt get a singe approval due to the camera.

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