My first photos with a model (in black and white)

Hello friends,

I like to share with you my first ever photos with a model. I chose to process them in black and white. What do you think?

Man jumping or dansing on pile of rocks -B&W-

I think black-and-white is suitable for some photos where color can be a real distraction. It is good for photos with patterns and some kind of structure, or for photos that can give many kinds of gray.

Man doing levitation on rocks -B&W-

There are other reasons you can find out. And still you can simply choose black and white because simply you like how it looks even you don't know why. Is this possible?

Lonely tree on the top of rocks -B&W-

I like to hear your precious views about my work and about black and white photography.

Man doing yoga concentration on a pile of rocks #2 -B&W-

Thank you.

Photo credits: Aziz Rimi.

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Realy like the concept,dificult to say if in color woud be more stock photography.


Really thank you Photographycornwall as well as Elifranssens. Good points


Hi Aziz, to answer you last query I wouldn't delete the images if they've already passed submission on DT. However, you might want to consider removing them after a few months if they don't sell. I would definitely recommend taking some time to look through the DT photo catalogue to see how stock generally favors color over monochrome images.


B&W only works well with certain images and I feel that the images you submitted are not among those. In particular there seems to be little contrast (too much "gray of the same kind") in your images.

In general color images are more successful in stock photography which in fact is very different from fine art photography. If you have a look around you (billboards, magazines, ....) you will notice that most images used are color images.

Which does not mean of course that B&W or more broadly speaking "monochrome" images have no place in stock, for example they can be useful to give a certain ambience to the image (vintage, retro, artistic, ...) but doing so you will limit the possible usages for the image. Sometimes it's better to let the buyer decide whether he wants to convert the image to monochrome or not.


Thank you Photographycornwall, your points helped me. So, do I have to delete them and re-upload them in color?


Hi Aziz, you have a really interesting and varied portfolio, which is full of color and vibrancy. I think that is your selling point, and I question why you have chosen to process these images in black and white. Black and white photography is a difficult art to master, and typically comprises deep blacks, brilliant whites and stark contrast. I feel your images still need some work to be competitive in that particular market. One specific comment about the top photo is that the face of your model is lost in shadow, even though the subject is looking at the camera. For me that doesn't work too well. You are certainly talented, so keep practicing and keep learning :)


And I forgot I really want to know this, are these photos suitable for commercial or editorial use? All my photos I made them commercial, I still don't have this ability to choose the right side. Thanks

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