my first pic is selected

Ten years ago, I liked to browse and sent ecards from there to my friends. I wouldn't imagine myself start to upload my own picture in similar website like, for I could never consider myself a photographer one day.

I know there is quite big difference between being selected by the editor and selling the picture itself. What I am glad about is, at least I can sell it to the editor. That's the first step. And it tells me that, girl, if you want, you can make it.

I owe the courage like all my other friends who's so addicted in photography. But I also know that I am slower in doing everything. The frist step is reached. Now it's time for me to set my second goal. To sell it, this time not only to the editor but to the designers.

Photo credits: Chung-chun Hsiao.


day dreaming

Your article must be written in English

September 03, 2007



September 03, 2007


To Tonygers

surely well. You are very kind.

September 03, 2007


Your picture is great so I would say your next step is to upload more and get at least 100 images in your portfolio (to start with).
Good luck.

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