My first post- Blogging? what a good news!

I am really excited to see this new tool in Dreamstime. I still don't know what we can gain from blogging on Dreamstime. I have several blogs (mostly in french), I use flickr sometimes (not recently), but what could be Dreamstime be useful to blog about?

I still don t know but sure that I will figure out soon.

We just need to use imagination and make something new.

Blogs are better than forums for articles that take time to write and that stay for a longer period too. It is less a chat room and more a magazine. Of course I like Elen Boughn's blog and red it since quite a while. But I doubt I could write anything like that, since I lack experience and to some extend competence. However we all have a different perspective and can contribute to make interesting articles.

Furthermore we can write in different languages, extending diversity.

Wow what an exciting beginning!

Photo credits: , Lindigo.

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