My first post before it's too late!!!

Well, i am a journalist so dealing with words is a big part of my daytime (and often night time). To be honest, as of late, my nights are mostly spent on programs like Lightroom and Photoshop and since i joined DT i became familiar with the concept of Stock.

I can't really say that i know what we are talking about here, i just joined in august and my portfolio is a small one. And what's worse is that in July i bought my first DSLR, after years of small cheap cameras, so i am not one you'd call a pro, but i can say that i am pretty happy with what i am achieving.

Things can be tricky, sometimes you have to deal with DT staff rejecting some pics that you thought were just right, but, as for me, i decided not to give up and keep up the good work (whenever i am able to do a good work). I keep on looking other photographers portfolios, and i hope to gather inspiration and to really understand what's worth shooting, without forgetting what i like the most: people and their life. Sure, to be popular here, you need to look at things in a slightly different way than what people consider day to day photography, but i found out that i am learning a lot of new things.

A tip to the other new comers. Try to find a friend to "compete" with. Someone with whom to share this passion for stock and photography, and to talk about what to do and not to.

This is really helping me, hoping that sales will speed up one day.. . and if it won't happen, well, i am having a great time anyway.

Glad to meet you,


Photo credits: Antonio Jodice.

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Its never too late.Welcome to DT.Great port.Keep uploading


Welcome here, and your small portfolio is very nice :)


Very nice work! I looked at your images of Tuscany and felt a tug in my heart.
I did a walking trip through the hillsides of Tuscany a few years ago. I only brought a small point and shoot camera, and did not take many pictures. So, I am really enjoying your images and waiting to see more!!


Congrats for your portofolio! Beautiful words and photos.


Welcome to DT! I'm sure you will do well here. Good luck :0)


Thank you for your compliments :)
I've added you to my preferred photographers, so i can keep an eye on your work and see how your studio will work.
I am thinking of doing something like that one day, but i still need to learn a lot of things.

Thank y for stopping by again


Benvenuto a DT! Great portfolio so the one of Firenze [imgl]10451003[/imgl]


Hi and buongiorno,

for just having started you look very talented. I have approximately the same number of images as you. I like the idea of a friend "competing" - however it shouldn't be a competition I guess.
If you want you can compete with I haven't got a lot of typical stock photos online yet, partly also because i am only now setting up a little studio to shoot products and things that are NOT snapshots.

Wish you good luck!


Welcome to DT have a nice day ;)


Glad to meet you, too. I feel so much at home here!


Welcome in DT family!:)


Thank you!


Glad to meet you also. Good luck and welcome to DT. Keep uploading, the sales will come, but most importantly, enjoy what you are doing.


Welcome! :D

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