My First Print Usage (P-EL) Sale

Recycle The Planet

There is no better feeling than when you check your sales and find that an illustration, even if it's only a Level 2 sells for Print Usage (P-EL) license purchase. The image sold was my Recycle The Planet illustration. A BIG Thank You to the BUYER for making this purchase!!

Photo credits: Richard Hoffkins.
Richard Hoffkins
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  • Macdaddy
  • Lafayette, United States
I'm a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. A member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals). A collector of Machintosh computers, currently have 6 different models.

Multiple first place awards in the advertising categories at Louisiana Press Association Competition.

"You have to keep reinventing yourself to stay fresh and competitive. Find your voice and where your value lies, and above all, be passionate."

I hope that you will enjoy looking through my images and that you will find something useful for your projects. It would be very nice, if you could leave a comment of how you will use the images. Thank You!

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so good to hear of your success.


Nice job MD!


That's a great news, waiting for the party :-)


Congrats! This great illustration deserve it! Well done!


Congratulations Richard! Great illustration, I hope it's the first of many. Happy Valentine's Day


Richard, Congratulations :) very good illustration.


Way to go, Richard!!! Love it :)


Congrats, that new lens is looking better financially I am sure, well done.




Congratulations! Richard:)
Good luck!!!


Congratulations! Recycle is good. Hope it will resell again and again.


Congratulations!!! Recycle is very important now.


Congratulations Richard!!


Wow and yippee! Oh my, that is a good sale and a fabulous illustration! Congratulations!