My first repeat sale


It finally happened, just like the law of averages said it would. My first repeat sale. It is exciting the first time a photo sells but for some reason, the second time is sweeter. Anyone else experience that special ZING the second time a photo sold?

Doctors Tools

Turns out the virus that took me to the doctor's office was the Money Bug...

Photo credits: Ian Mcdonald.
Ian Mcdonald
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  • Langley, Canada
I am a married father of four kids. Photography has been a lifelong passion and I strive to improve with every photograph. Thanks for taking the time to look through my portfolio.

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December 08, 2015



December 07, 2015

I suppose, the third time will be still sweeter!) take care with all these sweeeet things, which are on the way)))


December 07, 2015

You're on your way to a level 5! Congrats on this!


December 07, 2015

haha congratulations! keep it up :)