My first sale

Now, after all that shooting there must be an outcome am I right?

To be frank, I joined Dreamstime out of curiosity, I didn't see it as a site which could sell. All along I thought it was a small market here.


I had expected immediate sales when I uploaded my first few photos which numbered around five of them. When where wasn't any, I felt disappointed, I left my account to stay stagnant.

Until one day I check back on DT out of curiosity again, there was a $0.60!

Now, how meager it is doesn't matter anymore. It proved me wrong that there couldn't be sales. It gave me hope..seriously!

From then, I scoured my folders and picked the good ones ( I think they are) and submitted them, only to be rejected with certain reasons.

There and then, I find what is good and what's not, what was suitable and so on. The day my first sales came in, I never looked back. Now I always feel restless when I have nothing to upload!

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August 24, 2007


yep i agree with you, after the first sales i learnt my lesson =)

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