My First Sale with Dreamstime

This image is My First Sale with Dreamstime and it happens to be one of my all time Favorites.

The reason is that for me it was the first time I was able to achieve an image that I have dreamed of... Having a Dramatic Mirror Effect.

And to think.... it almost never happened.

The day I shot this, I almost left the area not thinking any good images would come of this time and place.

I had looked thru my zoom lens and it just was not showing that great of an image for me. I thought I better move on to a better spot. Before I left, I decided to try another lens that I had just purchased. It was a wide angle lens. Immediately I knew it was what I was looking for and more.

I was so excited. I knew I had great potential for getting one of my most sought images. The Mirror Effect.

This image was taken at Pismo Beach California last winter during a rain storm. Everything came together just right to creat this image.

The tide was low . This allowed the beautiful stormy sky to mirror in the wet sand. With the wide angle it created a very dramatic look. It turns out that this lens has been a wonderful tool for my photography. It is a Canon 10-22 f3.5 lens.

I don't go anywhere without it now.

This image has helped create my first sale with Dreamstime and I am so happy that others may enjoy my favorite photograph.

That is my main purpose.... to have photographs that other will enjoy.

Photo credits: Beth Sargent.

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Lovely image and congratulations!


Hey Thanks so much. Pismo is a special place.
I love my lens that you just got. It is a great landscape lens and I have had luck with buildings. It can distort on the wide end but sometimes that can work in your favor. Good luck with it.


Thank You


Thanks very much


Wow! That's an awesome image. I've been to Pismo several times and love the place. I just bought the same wide angle lens you have. I'm still not sure what to use it for but experimenting with it is half the fun, isn't it?


Congratulations :)




Congratulations!!! Nice Landscape.


Thanks Irisangel. Wow your illustratons are awesome.


Thanks so much. Coming from you, this is a true complement. Your images are wonderful.


Spectacular, Congratulations!


Congrats! It's really a beautiful picture! I can't believe it's a reflection on a wet sand!

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