My first sell - Dreamstime

© Kort

Yeah! I've only been a member for about 2 weeks and only got 11 photos up here (and 7 refused) and already got my first sell

Hope it doesn't last to long for the next one :)


Photo credits: Kort.

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July 10, 2008


I guess the best thing is to not expect to sell a single image and rather see it as a bonus if you do. (I can tell you that I haven't sold any more images since the first one. Maybe because I haven't uploaded more pictures. Guess 11 pictures is like throwing a needle in a haystack and hope someone will find it)

July 09, 2008


Two weeks? It`s pretty long time for me. I`m member only second day, my photos are only pending, but arms itching, brain boiling: "Hell, what to do, what photos to upload!!!" Oh, I hope I`ll earn something...

June 20, 2008


Good for you! The first sale is always the best. Good luck in the future.

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