My first star trails photo

Star trails

I feel great to be able to produce this photo. I only realized that stars move precisely in a circle 24 hours. ( i.e 15 degree for one hour). I set 30 sec per shot continuously for 2 hours, if you can measure the trails, it move 30 degree. How accurate! GOD creation is so wonderful!

I started to ask a question: the star trails really caused by earth rotates or Star move , earth is station?

Photo credits: Woo Bing Siew.

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June 16, 2016


I assume you are not serious with your last statement and you KNOW that it is the earth's rotation. But it is a great photo, well done

June 16, 2016


Earth rotates! )) Great photo! Now I want to start experiment with astrophotography!

June 15, 2016


Great image and informative info too. So good to see the credit going where it really belongs!

June 14, 2016


Cool! I have been wanting to try out star trails, but haven't gotten to it. How wide angle of a lens did you use?

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