My first steps

My twin brother encouraged me to use Dreamstime.

There was and is always a kind of competition between him and me. Since we are monozygotic twins we are extremely similar - but not equal.

During the analogue time he had a Nikon F90. I just did wait until the F100 was available.

When the digital era got mature and an analogue camera was no longer real fun he bought the Nikon D200 and I did wait for the Nikon D700.

Now I have this D700 (my wallet is still quite empty) and I'm still in the steep part of the learning curve, i.e. fighting with the complexity of this camera and the digital post processing at the computer.

When I do tease him with his "old" D200, he teases me that the D700 is much too good for a beginner like me. At least he gave me plenty of valuable hints to become a better digital photographer.

Today I downloaded my first photos - he is already an experienced user of DS and did sell several photos, making real - but not much money.

This foto is currently his most successful yet not his best one.

I'm sure, the competition will go on ...

© Hdanne

Link to my brother's portfolio (Hdanne)

Photo credits: Hdanne.

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Hello, welcome. these days are Chinese traditional Spring festival, most of Chinese are busy with spending good time and welcome a new year.
Nice to meet you, DT is so interesting place that you can find you that you are needed by the world. In 2 years, I had a 300 sales and earned more than $400. Althouth I can earn more than $500 a month in my work, every sale can bring me happiness.


congratulations and welcome to DT, i'm a fraternal twin - I've never heard of the term monozygotic - always knew it as 'identical' thanks for that info :)

Since I'm a non native English speaker I picked that word up in an on-line dictionary. Myself I never heard about "fraternal twins" - that wasn't part of our school English, but of course the context helps and that online dictionary again.

Wish you much success, too


Welcome to DT, and good luck!


Good luck for both of you.


Good luck and have fun!


congratulations!it's nice photo.


welcome! healthy competition between twins is much fun .. I'm a twin with a boy - quite like it :) best of luck!


congratulations and welcome to DT, i'm a fraternal twin - i've never heard of the term monozygotic - always knew it as 'identical' thanks for that info :)


I agree, healthy competition is good and will up your game. You better get moving though, your brother is off to a good start :0)


I wish you both a lot of luck here! I think a little healthy competition helps to keep the fun level up. Cheers Carol :)


Well plunge in and take lots of images but my advice s to study the portfolios of all the most successful photographers here before submitting your images to avoid too many rejections which affects your ability to submit . I made the mistake of getting too many rejections early on and only gradually creeping back to over 50% acceptance ratio. I am still scared of excessive rejections. Good luck. David.


Wish you good luck also:)


wish you good luck!

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