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My first studio shot

After so many years, I've done my first shots in a studio. We had only 30 minutes , it wasnt planned and I made only 30 pictures.

Now i started to upload them, I have 4 online now. What do you thinkabout them? The model was my sister and thats why i love them more. :)

Photo credits: Rita Soti.

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May 01, 2012


Looks like sis was having a fun time!

April 27, 2012


Yes, and thank you again :)
Now, i have online all pictures from the 30 what i wanted to upload for DT.
I also reached the 200 images milestone, but so strange, this month I had only 2 sales :(

April 19, 2012


Very nice shots. And you work quick too. 30 in 30 minutes? that's great!

April 19, 2012



April 19, 2012


Thank you, :) I have more but they are not online yet. Yes this is a new adventure, lucky who have own studio, I used my friend equipment,ok, the camera was mine :)
I didnt want to make isolated, simply images. I tried some with cigarette and smoke, but its need more time I think. I wasnt sure that DT will accept my black and white photos, so it was just a try.

April 19, 2012


Really Nice shots Peppenero ;) dominating your shooting environment (light, shadows, posing, background, etc) its a NEW adventure!!! keep shooting !!!
This one is my favorite [imgr]24280322[/imgr]

April 19, 2012


The ones in black & white look better.

April 18, 2012


Nice job. Your sister makes a nice model. :)

April 18, 2012


Nice portraits!

April 18, 2012


Beautiful shots!!!

April 18, 2012


Very great!!!

April 18, 2012


Your sister is a beautiful woman:)The photos looks great.You could enhance these shoots with some dodge and burn to make them pup up even more

April 18, 2012


Nice shots! Congratulations!

April 18, 2012


Beautiful portraits, congratulations!

April 17, 2012


Great shots!

April 17, 2012


Nice shots..:)

April 17, 2012


Beautiful of luck! :)

April 17, 2012


They are great images, good luck.

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