My first TIFF sale

Just a week after the announcement of TIFF availability, I opened up my account and got a pleasant surprise: one of my image got a TIFF sale. It was among my favorites. Taken in a alleyway in a historical downtown at sunset.

Until then I had been only loading JPG. Now I am thinking about sending in some RAW format. I don't know how many people prefer the extra flexibility but with more post-processing work.

Just curious, how many of you regularly send in RAW files and how are you doing with them?

Photo credits: Jinlide.

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Thank you!


Well done!!!!!


My opinion:
There is no reason not to automatically convert all the raw files to DNG.
Just for starters you will save ± 10 - 15% of your H.D.D. — sure for a small folder of images that's nothing, but when you start talking about saving that over a 1TB drive … see how much more you can now cram onto that already popping drive!

As many/most of us are using Adobe Lightroom / Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw … what would you not want to already have the file as the "adobe native" file format.

Don't you just hate when the "side car" / ".XMP" gets lost/corrupt … and then you need to redo all the adjustment setting that you needed to make the masterpiece that you needed to create!

Really the DNG route is not even a debate! —

Last little blurb …
There is nothing on the market that has been around for as long as the Adobe editing suite [Photoshop] — which if you didn't already know, is about to turn 20 years old [in mid Feb 2010].

I do not work for or receive any benefits from Adobe, well that is unless you conciser the wonderful capabilities that the software bring to us all … That is most certainly a huge benefit.
Can you even imagine not having the abilities that we now all do have at the touch of a button …

I know that I cant.


Thanks for the info, Brad! Congratulations to yours too!

I haven't used DNG that much. I also assumed RAW files are similar even from different camera maker. These are something I would like to learn more about. From your description, it seems to be a good idea to try more RAW submissions.


Congrats - I also had a recent TIFF + RAW sale which was great! I do upload RAW for most of my shots, and see sales through subscriptions. I've always upload the Canon raw files but recently got a Panasonic camera and DT doesn't accept the RAW files from it. I switched them to DNG and have already got some non-sub sales as a result. I'm seriously considering switching all my RAW files to DNG... Looking back at my last 60 sales only 1 was a RAW sale - but it netted me $8.00.


congratulations :)


Thank you all for your response! Congratulations to you too, Creativei!

David, I haven't tried to submit both JPG and RAW together. I have tried to send in a RAW file for a JPG that was already online. That needed to be reviewed again and it was relatively quick. I'm not sure about the cropping factor. I don't think it should matter much unless the cropping changes the composition a lot. Logo presents in the original would be a problem though.


I have RAW files but doesn't it make uploading lengthy ? If the image submitted is cropped and the RAW one cannot be how does that affect things ? Any help on this subject will be appreciated. David.


Cograts, even I got one recently.




congratulations on your first tiff sale. it's nice to be paid more money.

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