My first two model releases, and my first shots with real people!

Several days ago a pair of great friends signed MR's with me. I've been photographing both of them over the summer. We climb together several times a week, and I've been working on photographing climbers (not as easy as you'd think).

This morning I got my first approval for shots with my "models" in them, and it's really exciting! Going forward I think this will be a lot of fun. First I was glad to meet them because they're a married couple who climbs together. Makes it easier to find a few folks to climb with last minute. And now I can upload some of our better climbing shots (I've got tons of those shots).

I'll have to see what else we can do with "outdoor people" photos. This is a new realm for me. I've always stayed away from photos with people in them, so now I get to learn and experiment some more!

Glad I started in with Dreamstime. It's really getting me to think about how I shoot, and it's getting me to try things I wouldn't have tried otherwise.

Oh, 2 photos away from 100! Fun, fun, fun!

Photo credits: Richard Charpentier.

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Thanks for the suggestion on this one. I do have several large distance shots with one climber in red, and it works.

Definitely different for stock and close climbing shots. Many climbing photographers I've talked to suggest getting above, and the up close shot. But like you, I like the distance shot as well. :)


Really great climbing images show the danger that the climber is overcoming, or the awesomeness of the height. To do this you have to pull way back and then the climber is so small as to be almost invisable. That's why it's a good idea to see if your climbing partners can wear bright colors. Just a thought.


Yeah, I do that I just didn't know the name for it ;). I will search your blog. Gabe


Gabe. Bouldering is "low climbing". You climb with no rope. Usually on boulders. But you can also pick a cliff, and climb left to right 2 feet off the ground. If you search on my blog for Groom Creek and Wolf Creek I think I have some bouldering pics and video. Glad you like my blog. Thanks!


I know this is a stupid question but don't forget I'm relatively new to climbing: What is bouldering? And yes, there is plenty to shoot here. There is nothing like a change to trigger your creativity. I have been following a little bit of your blog. I love the pictures and am very interested in the places you go. I love road trips, and seeing your travels (and airstream) bring back wonderful memories. Keep it up. Gabe


Sorry your equipment is in the states. I sure wouldn't want to reinvest in gear!!! Expensive the first time around. Here's a thought, are there any places to boulder there? At least you can get some action with bouldering.

I'll look forward to some photos from Korea here. I'm sure there's plenty to shoot!

Oh, and just follow my personal web link on my profile if you want to see other climbing photos!


I wish I could but my equipment is in the states and I'm here in korea. I am not yet so professional as to bring my equipment with me wherever I go (I share it with my brothers) nor to buy it wherever I go. But I am really tempted to. This weekend, my family and I spent some time in a korean national park where there was some amazing scenery (maybe I'll get some pictures of it uploaded here), and where there were mountains that are climbed a lot. I was about to go out and spend several hundred dollars to climb. As it was, I had to content myself with hiking and taking pictures (which isn't that bad at all). Have fun climbing and don't forget to take pictures. Gabe


Thanks for the compliments on the shots! There will be more coming, and I'm hoping to get 2 more MR's today. We climb with a guy who can red point 5.11's. Amazing to watch his technique. I'm working back up to 5.11, and doing great with 9's again.

One thing I've found with these is that approval is harder than you think (not complaining). Several photos were rejected yesterday because product names were in the shots. Looking at them I could see the harness name was clear, or the shoe names (always on the sides) were visible. Looks like I've got to look really close and edit those out. Doing that now this morning on 2 really cool pics.

Jonny, get out and climb! Fall is the best season!!!

Asthedreamers, hit the local park. Watching folks climb and boulder is great. I like seeing what people do as much as I like climbing.

Well, with all that said I have to finish a few photo edits and repack my bag. Noon climb today in the Dells, 9 a.m. climb tomorrow in the Promised Lands. And the whole time I'll be looking for new ways to shoot this stuff.

Oh, and there are some cool climbing photos here on Dreamstime already, just do a search on climber or climbing!


Great pictures. I enjoy rock climbing and taking pictures of climbers (thankfully i climb with my siblings and they have already signed MRs). Those pictures are making me really want to climb right now. And dreamstime has done the same for me; it has made me think how and what to shoot and forcing me to be creative. Maybe I'll upload some rock climbing pictures on here soon. You've inspired me. Gabe


Nice job. Climbing pictures are awesome. There is a neat climbing park near where I live but I haven't decided yet to bite the bullet and go out and get pics with MRs!


Ah, you didn't ramble at all. :)

The folks I climb with don't mind the MR's, and I have 3 more people to sign. Here's the problem. We go climb, we get exhausted, and by the time we're clearing equipment and wrapping up everyone scatters before I get them to sign.

Next big group climb I'll just have the MR's ready and pass them around BEFORE the climb. There's the key! :)

Have fun with the party!!!


Oh congrats! I love climbing shots! It's great you were able to get releases for many of them! I want to expand my portfolio to include more models, but it's difficult sometimes to get model releases -- so many people don't want to sign for one reason or another. I'm going to a birthday/Halloween party tomorrow evening for a family member, so I'm hoping to get some good shots out of the 'gathering' that I'll be able to use here.
Now that I've rambled TOTALLY off subject, I'll get back to work now. :)

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