My first two months on DT

After my first two months as a DT contributor, here are some of my thoughts and experiences.

Consider the pictures you upload. Really! It’s too bad having a picture rejected due to noise, poor composition, blur or other obvious things. You might have been told you are your own worst critic. Not on DT, the review people and potential buyers will be a lot harder on your pictures ☺

Look at what sells. Search DT for different keywords, sort the results by downloads descending, and look at the styles and pictures that has the most sales. You will learn a great deal from this.

Finally, you have taken a picture, the quality is perfect and it has potential to sell, but you are not done yet. How do buyers find the pictures they need? Keywords – well actually by typing into the search window, but your pictures are found via the keywords you enter, so remember to be extremely thorough. Don’t do to many and don’t do to few. To many might result in buyers finding totally irrelevant pictures, and to few will result in buyers not finding your picture. There is no manual on this, but can you see it in your picture, it might be a relevant keyword.

All done, it is up to the buyer now. But why not stick around DT and play a game.

Play stock rank, and play it a lot. You will learn a great deal on what pictures sell and which ones don’t. The game is simple, yet quite difficult. 20 pictures are selected randomly, 10 have sales, 10 don’t. They will be paired, one with sales and one without. You have to choose which has the sales. Play it a few times, I almost guarantee you will be surprised. I have played games where a beautiful woman (in a bikini) was “against” a plate of food. Easy right? Yes, the woman didn’t do anything, she was just standing there, hence no sale. I have learned that a person whom doesn’t do anything won’t sell. There must be some kind of action or story in a picture otherwise it is just a portrait.

Uhh and just to talk about the plate of food that “beat” the semi naked woman, if you upload a picture of food, consider this, would you want to eat it? If no, I doubt anybody would want to buy the picture. One exception might be broccoli. ☺

Thank you for reading some of my thoughts.

And if you care, this is my only picture so far that has sales

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Photo credits: Roman Milert, Splosh.

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May 30, 2011


Thanks for sharing....

May 04, 2011


Thank you all for the nice comments :-)

May 03, 2011


Good luck! ^__^

May 03, 2011


nice pics

May 03, 2011


Great blog! You and I are about the same.....joined same time, close to same contributed, 2 sales the same, and I think you gave my thoughts the same too. Nice to meet you, and I wish you LOTS of sales. This is fun.

May 03, 2011


Great blog article. I wish you good luck ;)

May 03, 2011


Good luck!

May 03, 2011


Great article and great job!!!

May 03, 2011


Thanks for sharing!

May 03, 2011


Great blog, thanks for sharing. NIce work.

May 03, 2011


Great article. Thanks for sharing.

May 03, 2011


Well written and is good advice for all :-)

Brett, UK.

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