My first upload

I've managed to upload my first photo to Dreamstime that have been accepted. The photo in question is the photo of my fingers holding two matches, both on fire. This is the only photo that was accepted of a series of four.

To take this picture, I held two matches in my left hand first and only one was lit. I held them vertically first so that the other match wouldn't light up. I then put them in front of my camera and held them horizontally. The unlit match would then be lit and I'm taking pictures at a relatively fast speed (1/200). The lighting conditions were surprisingly hard since the background couldn't be lit too much but the fire mustn't be faded out.

It took me a while to find this out. Beforehand I used the timer and lit the match when the camera took a picture. After about twenty attempts and of them fifteen failed, I had to find a new way.

Photo credits: Haryo Sukmawanto.

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