My first work approved!!!

© Puppis
Finally they agreed to a photo.

It was hard, they rejected the first 15 photos. The problem is that I am still inexperienced and the subject of this photo is not the nicest.

I had posted photos more beautiful than this, but with serious problems of noise and disturbance.

Can you check, comment and suggest how I can improve?


Photo credits: Puppis.

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Congratulations! Keep shooting and dont give up.


Thanks again to all!
I would like ask to all of you, why they refused some my shoot in raw???? maybe I made a mistake during the conversion in jpg? They told me that the pixel were distorted...




Congrats! Keep working and pay atention to the rejection comments!


It happened to me also. The photos I thought to be more artistic were rejected. Start to think photostock.
I'm learning too, and also struggle a lot with noise.
Hoppefully we will find our nest.


Dreamstime does a good job with the reasons for non-acceptance. Its all about paying attention to them and learning. Noise reduction has been covered a lot in the blogs and message boards on this site.


Nice tip.......I'll do it!


I also am having a low acceptance of images but it's to be expected at first. Stock photo is different from artistic photography and snapshots. Keep shooting and learning. The more you do it, the better you'll know what to shoot and how.

Read the rejection comments and see if you can correct the errors. Many times if you can, a rejected image will be accepted. A quick tip for you would be when you first save your retouched photo into JPEG save it also as PSD or TIFF. This way if you have to go back and reedit the image you wont double save a JPEG creating noise and artifacts.

PSD and TIFF are loss less formats that don't compress to save space. The cleaner the image you can produce the better.

Goodluck with your photography. Keep at it and don't get discouraged.


thanks to every one for the suggestions...I'll try to do better!


congratulations! don't be discouraged. my first submissions were all rejected, except for one. my approval rate started at 7% but has moved up to 46% now. I learned a lot from the rejections, so just keep shooting and uploading.




Congratulations, learn from rejections. Upload as many images as you can.


Congrates .... Keep trying and dont give up :)


Well done, congratulations!


Congratulations...for checking and suggesting anything you will need to have more images aprooved, it is hard to tell anything with just one photo in your portfolio. Keep uploading, learn from rejected images, try to correct errors on rejected images and upload again. In a few weeks you will get it. I was in same problems as you on my start a few months I have a streak of almost 30 or more uploaded and aprooved images with zero rejections so far. Why? Because I'm learning from my past mistakes, and now I already have some clues which images need corrections to get aprooved here on DT. Just give yourself a little time and you will improve your acceptance ratio. Good luck, keep shooting and uploading!!!


Congratulation for the first. Problems of noise could be present expecially with low illumination. If you have raw files is more easy to remove noise with a camera raw software. Otherwise you can use noise reduce filter of Photoshop.


Congratulations on the first of many to come :)


Congratulation :)


Congrats on your first.

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