My friend Mr. Monopod

If you think you are one of those people who can hold your camera still enough all the time and get good photos you need your meds changed.

We all need on occasion something to help us steady up the camera to get a crystal clear shot.

I never gave much thought about using a monopod and always used the trusty old tripod.

But than a short time ago my wife gave me a nice monopod for a gift. It is kind of neat. It's telescopic so it can be adjusted from a couple of feet to about five and a half feet. It doubles as a walking stick and has a hand strap that goes around the wrist with a compass and thermometer.

I have used it indoors and out with good results.

Some of the advantages of the monopod versus the tripod are for traveling it does not take up as much room. This is now even more important because if your flying most airlines only give you one free checked bag, and have dropped the weight limits on that one.

But the other great advantage is that when your on very uneven ground or sand you don't have to play with three legs to get things even.

It won't replace thhe tripod, but if you have tried one you may want to give it a look.

I was surprised and happy with the results.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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Wow, sounds very interesting!


I also use one on hikes and things. Mine doesn't have a changeable tip (might be able to get one) but it does have little legs that can be screwed in to make it more stable like a tripod.


Thanks, will check it out!


It came from Lee Valley,104,53219&ap=1

It's called a hiking stick. The bottom rubber boot screws off and it has a carbide tip for walking on ice.


Hi Dave, You are absolutely correct about the necessity of a monopod or tripod. I am looking to upgrade my old hand-me-down aluminum tripod to a nice light weight carbon fiber monopod. Can you share what brand you received as a gift? Cheers, Marilyn

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