My hobby is taking over my life!!!

Its been a month since I joined, and I'm already addicted. After submitting a small tester set of 6 of my best images (two rejected) and then jetting off to the egypt for a wonderful vacation, I was really pleasantly surprised to find that I had a sale on not one, but two of my images!

That was it! I had to check my page almost everyday to see what the ETR on my images are, my sales and how many views I've had.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed between the first two weeks and now except that I've managed to get a few more images up with a stack for review and also decreased my acceptance ratio. I can now say that after a long struggle last night, that I am now a master of the FTP upload though! Not the most user-friendly thing I've ever come across.

now sit with a dillema... I have very few stockworthy photos left on my pc (taking stock photographs has taken me on a really steep learning curve with my photography skills, and has made my recent attempts at photography WAY better than all my old snapshots!) and an addiction to feed. At the same time I have a completely unrelated degree to complete. This leaves me torn between getting out there and taking some quality pics or passing my exams.

Well, to continue in my great history of procrastination with my real work, I think I'll go out and take some photographs. It's way more fun than books.

Next months challenge...Asking friends: "PRETTY PLEASE will you sign this model release? Yes your photo can end up anywhere, no I cannot give you any financial compensation'

Photo credits: Darren Baker, Lauren Williams, Newphotoservice.

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November 06, 2008


Welcome to the club, similar story to yours, I am totally addicted this is better than FB...I find myself continually checking my images for views and sales (not that I have many) and trying to find time to actually work!!!Good luck for the future, sure there are many sales to come, but I agree with most of the comments, get the degree!!!

August 21, 2008


Your words sounds the same like mine. Same problems, same dilema...
But get the degree first!

July 25, 2008


Hmmm... Messy room... I see a stock photo opportunity :)

July 25, 2008


Studies definitely come first, but everytime an exam period comes along, I am always have an intense desire to do anything but read my notes. It can be quite nice because whenever I run out of things to do as a last resort for WABS (thats Work Avoidance Behaviour Syndrome, a common disease affecting students the world over) I end up cleaning my room, which is usually a very rare occurance.

July 24, 2008


GET THE DEGREE!!!!!!! As much fun as this is, and as addicting as it is, unless you have a whole lot of time, great equipment and absolutely amazing images, You will need a day job. I don't want to sound in anyway discouraging, your portfolio looks great, so far, enjoy the journey, but there is no substitute for a good education. I wish you lots of luck on DT and better luck on your exams.

July 24, 2008


"PRETTY PLEASE will you sign this model release? Yes your photo can end up anywhere, no I cannot give you any financial compensation"

Good Luck there!!

July 24, 2008


I too am new to the stock photography world, just joined this past April. Found the model release thing not as hard as expected. I've only 3 so far but all were extremely flattered and although there is no financial compensation they seemed pleased that they may enjoy a bit of fame. Good luck to you! marilyn

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