My Humble Thanks

I have been on Dreamstime as a contributor now for just over 4 years and as a purely amateur photographer, I have really enjoyed learning from so many different photographers. I have watched and read quite a bit about differing ways to view the great world around us. I began on Dreamstime quite simply by creating one collection just because I found so many beautiful photographs that I wanted to remember and be able to come back to. Then I added another collection, then another. The collections have become my series of "online photo albums" that I tell my friends about. It is my way of relaxing late in the evening.

Just yesterday, one of my listed "favorite" photographers, Starblue, posted a blog about her favorite collections. I was humbly honored that her first two collections mentioned were mine and most specifically the collection "For My Eternal Beloved".

When I lost my husband of 20 years last August, I was lost and hurt very deeply in ways I could not express. I turned to Dreamstime for an outlet and found SO MANY absolutely poetically charged photos to relieve my sense of loss and commemorate the depth of the love I had for my husband. He died a tragic death and the photos I used have something to each single one that represent some aspect of his life.

When I opened and read Starblue's blog, my heart just welled up inside and I could not hold back the tears that flooded my eyes. I realized that my collection had touched another and that my grief was not alone any more. I want to say Thank You Starblue for your comforting review.

P.S. - I have never, EVER blogged on any site before so I hope this attempt to thank my viewers comes across as I would that it should come across. Thank you much.

Photo credits: Sharon Miller, Starblue, Stendec, Yuriykulik.

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Sorry about your husband and it's good that you've found this outlet...


beautiful blog.....enjoy clicking....!!!


Dear Sharon - I have come home right now and after uploading in DT and seeing blogs I have seen yours. Sharon, many thanks for so beautiful words. I am honored and for several reasons. First of all many thanks for so beautiful blog where you mentioned me, the second reasons I am always so please when you add my image into your beautiful collections. I love them. The one that is dedicated to your husband si so gorgeous - everyone must feel that you pick up the images with heart. I wish your life to continue in nice way, I wish yout to see ahead Light. And as for DT - have a lot of successes here and have a lot of nice time during making grow your collection!


Life has its ups and downs and we learn to move on.
Good to know that there are others here on this site to share everybody's sorrows and happiness.


Sorry to hear about your husband. Just keep in touch. We are here as your true friends.


Hi Sharon. It broke my heart reading about your husband but I am also inspired by your strength. You see I too had two, yes two, major losses this past five months, which I just am not ready to speak about yet. And when it felt to me like my closest friends turned away from me (or perhaps it was me isolating myself from them) like you, I have turned to photography (and DT) for an outlet. DT served as a temporary escape for me many, many times and has never failed me in my times of sorrow. God bless you, Sharon.


Have trust!


There are no words to describe the sympathy. Your strength is impressive :)


I am sorry for your husband...your collection it is a card memories of beautiful and sensitive things.I wish you also the best!


Sorry for your late husband! This community is also a big family! It's great to share with us as well! Good luck ;)


Very impressive article!

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