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My Husband Talks To His Shoes

Got your attention, didn't I?

It is relevant, though, because at night, when my husband thinks his shoes are his cat; it's black, he can't see, so he thinks the form on the floor is his cat who got out of bed. And, he talks to it. Got it? Black and white photography. That's where this is going.

I have been playing around with some and do hope there is a market for them. I checked some of the tutorials on the subject and decided to try. If you have any ideas on black and white as stock please let me know. I love it for wall art and some shots just look better without color to me.

Here are a few I did:

© Noonie
© Noonie

© Noonie

Photo credits: Susan Leggett.

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February 15, 2009


Very nice images! I like them a lot!

February 05, 2009


Thanks, again everyone. I keep looking for more opportunities and I'll also upload the raw just in case someone wants to play with it themselves. (I invested in a night light)

February 05, 2009


Great shot!
I thought that the black and white photography work also has its unique charm!!!

January 16, 2009


I love B&W! The bicycle concept is really great! Good luck with all of them!

January 13, 2009


I love the shoe pic, its great

January 13, 2009


Images look great. Good luck with them. I hope you sell enough to get your poor husband a little night light. Just kidding. LOL

January 13, 2009


Thanks for responding, it helps me see what others see.

January 13, 2009


Hi, nice images, the bicycle one in particular is one of those images, as you put it "just look better without color", taylor made for B&W...

January 13, 2009


B&W photography is always cool. Always. Love the photo of the sneakers and yes, the blog title was attention grabbing! Good luck and cheers.

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