My Idea on Animal Shot

Concerning the photos of animals, there would be a great deal of them when searching DT engine by its attribute. Among them there’re possible various portraits and expression for the same species of animal. However, how to make people identify or decide to choose yours, in another word, to make your pictures outstanding is much more crucial.

I’m also fancy of taking photos of animals and recently just upload some of them which I think quite adorable.

Like all other subject pictures, animal photos also need to be quite clear image and nice color contrast, it’s basic & essential.

Secondly if possible, photos taken try to reflect animal’s certain expression or mood should be better. They may include calm, amusing, wild and restless, even angry… that will be more vivid and moving sort of.

The deeper step I think needs both your observation and a little bit of opportunity. To catch some instant of instructive and meaning scene as possible as you can. Of my animal photos here, list 2 of them as below as explanation, which are also my favorite. The 1st one is about yaks, it tries to describe the defensive nature, by which the yaks can survive in the field full of dangerous. When they group together, they used to stand with their heads forward each direction to guard any possible attack. That’s really a team work, right? The 2nd is on camel, trying to show the communication behavior in the animal world, of course, they also have their own way of communication, only that we human being can hardly understand.

Anyway, it’s already a lucky thing if can shot them in so close a distance, especially for the carnivore. Only that it’ll be better if can catch their most brilliant moment!

Above is just my own opinion and your comments are highly welcomed. Hope you can find it helpful for your similar shot!

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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Very nice animal photography. Its not easy to get animal images approved, even when they are approved its much more of a challenge to sell them. It seems like you are quite successful!


thanks all, it's really happy to keep their lovely moment and share with you!


Great shots, love the pandas at play. Good luck with them.


Indeed, the camels hold a meeting, very similar to the one in office every Monday :O


Great blog with lovely images.


Very good idea, thank you!

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