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I have always liked photos, machines and the magic of printing, a little to live with since the time I was a child with the graphics printing machines where my father worked and also for having lived together as a child with films and analogue cameras and the revelations of photos almost once A year because my mother only took pictures on special days, such as birthdays. Today I photograph places, still as amateur and without much care with the settings of the camera, but I think with a look and peculiar perceptions and curiosity to read manuals and find out what they serve each configuration of the digital camera. When I travel in addition to resting, I borrow my friends' cameras, but I am collecting money to buy my own camera, I walk on the roads and mountains in the late afternoon to catch sky and sunset trees, or even in my own trips the waterfalls I put some Eternal angles in the digital images and I finish printing most of them because they are so beautiful, they are the natures and their beauties, the sea of ​​mines with their mountains, clouds, colors, shapes, sparkles, enchantments.

Árvores e nuvens

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May 11, 2018



May 01, 2018


Yes in the olden days people only took pictures on special days, such as birthdays.

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