My Inspiration For Portrait Photography

Today I am going to share with you about my inspiration for the portrait photographic work. I have no shame to tell boldly that all my portrait photography work is highly inspired by the master in this field Manny Librodo. I always believe that everyone might be inspired from something & one should not feel ashamed to get inspired.

Most of you might be very well familiar with his name & work. I still remember the first day when I visited his gallery on Pbase.It was a holiday morning & I can never forget that experience which I felt while surfing his work. I almost spent 2-3 hour just observing his amazing work. Believe me it was too late to sense that I have yet to take lunch. At that time I found more hunger in me to do such kind of work than the taking just a lunch.

The best thing which I liked is his work is how beautifully he has captured the emotions! He is master in creating good lighting & post processing. In some image He has created such a magical work one almost gets the 3D effect in the two dimensional photograph. I will definitely like to link the two images with such effect & which are VEIL & intensity

I dig out on the net & I know many others may also for getting his post processing techniques but alas nothing came to my hand. I wonder how he is able to keep that so secret. Whatever I learned is just by observing his images very closely. I know my work is nowhere comes to close to his. But I am happy enough for seeing his amazing work & getting inspired.

The first thing which I started doing new was approaching the people. I was not having enough guts to ask the unknown people to allow me to get them photographed. I still haven't overcome this problem completely that but somehow I have opened up a little bit. It's really difficult for the newbie like me to develop this art. As I read in one of his interview that “[i]smile is the key[/i]”. It can turn the things. I think when two persons meet each other somewhere in the corner of mind they are not friendly with each other, once they realizes that other person is not going to hurt me the door opens.

I like most of his work with the children. I always believed the children give most natural expressions because of there innocence. The other thing which I experienced in my street photography work how rich the poor peoples are really! I can sense the warmth of their soul. I felt the sense of happiness when they came to know that somebody is interested to photograph them. I think they can deliver very natural expressions.

I like the way he composes his images. He has given a different dimension to the portrait photography by using the veils, turban & traditional clothing, jewelry. I know it's difficult for me to attend his workshop & there is no way to get his workflow. I have so much to learn & practice for at least to get such beautiful lighting effect & beautiful sense of emotions in my work.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Best Regards & love you all :)

Photo credits: Indianeye.

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lovely shots :) keep shooting ;) well done


Great shot!


I really like the "smile in blue" photo! It captures the carefree innocence of childhood!


Hi, who would not be inspired by his work, it is amazing, thanks for sharing, and I think your on the right path, with a little experimentation on post processing there is no reason for your images not being very similar. The other thing I must comment on is the camera he uses, goes a long way to singing the praises of a professional Nikon Camera, great quality that really punches up detail in his images, but without taking away from what he is really good at, very good eye for detail, good composition and great lighting and post processing.


I love your 'smile in blue' shot. Thanks for bringing Librodo to our attention! Amazing!


Beautiful work ... and faces!

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