My journey to 3000 sales reached today.

Wow. It just seems like yesterday when I started at Dreamstime and enter the world of microstock photography. I remember vividly saying to myself, it's worth a shot (pardon the pun) since I already enjoy taking photos anyway. What can a lose? Almost 5 years later, I finally reached 3000 sales. To many, this may not be such a significant milestone since it took almost 5 years to achieve. But considering my portfolio size is only 252 photos, I'm very proud of my achievement.

I remember the time when reaching my first $100 payment seemed like forever. Almost 6 months to be exact. But I told myself then that I would try to learn as much as possible to achieve sales even with a small portfolio since I knew I would never have enough time in my hectic life to develop a large portfolio like others. So it was critical to figure out what is needed to make each and every upload sell.

Today, I am going to share with you what I have learned here over the 5 years and how I got to this point. I have written a few blogs over the years that goes over my learning process and my milestones and a will list them here for everyone. Hopefully they will be helpful and give you some better insight.

My general advice is:

1) Continue to love photography no matter what level of success

and failures you have with stock photography

2) Strive to always improve on your photography skills.

3) Love what you shoot, and eventually they will sell.

4) Don't treat photography as a way to make money. The money is just a reward for your passion.

PS: I would like to thank Dreamstime and all the members who have helped me over the years. :-D

small PORTFOLIO, BIG returns

Doodling Ideas before shooting.

1st Month of Being Exclusive

Hang in there Newbies

Getting Increased Portfolio Exposure for Newbies

Finally reached over $100 in a month in June

Estatic about Reaching 1000 sales today!!!

Reached $2000 Today!!!

My Road to $200 per month

Wow. I've reached 2000 sales! Yippy!

Below is the 3000th sale.

Photo credits: Retina2020.

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Thanks Enrique. You are doing very well also. Soon you'll reach this milestone also.


Wow, you are doing great, thanks for the tips, I have always like your images...


Thanks Christian. I'm glad you found this useful. Cheers.


Great advice. Congratulations on your success!!!


Thanks for the words of encouragement Igor. Cheers.


Your Welcome Edward and Jonkio4.


Congrats! And your jorney is not over - you still continue to go toward 400th sale... :) Good luck!


Thanks for the tips!


thanks for sharing :)


Thanks Fotoeye75. You have a great portfolio and I definitely can learn from you. Cheers.


Congrats on hitting your 3K milestone. :)


@Claudio - All the best on your journey as well. Cheers.


@TMarchev - I'm glad you found this useful. Cheers.


@David - thanks for your gracious comments. As for my day job, I am seeing patients in a busy optometry practice from 10am to 8:30 pm.


All very true what you said.
Congratulations for your past and future journey!


Good blog:)


Yes the quality of your images speak volumes for your skills and perserverence. What is your day job........ I'd love to know that. David.

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