my key steps in DreamsTime as a photographer

I decided to write my very first DreamsTime blog after I got my first 100 online, so here's the one -- my key steps in DT:

I bought a NIKON D80 this year and happen to know my first microstock site DreamsTime in a BBS,

then I registered here on January 19, 2009.

At that time I have no idea what stock photography is like, so my acceptance ratio drops dramatically, I even didn't notice there is such a ratio in DT until I can only upload 3 images a day. And finally I got this picture -- my daughter -- approved

But I was not frustrated and kept playing with my new camera and DT, the effort was rewarded soon, I got one SALE on my 6th photo, which is only within 2 views.

It's amazing and at that day I know I will do this microstock thing for a very very long time.

So I bought books and study each websites I found, I store useful materials in my little territory:

The following days are hard until I shoot animals in Beijing Zoo

I begin to have some feelings of DreamsTime.

I tried people and here's the first model I found in internet,

this generate one sale so far, which is really good

Don't forget I even took a editorial picture of a celebrity.

And until yesterday, I got my first 100 online

and a good news: one of my photo will be used in a textbook

The days in DreamsTime really help me improve my skills in photography and I'm glad to see people acknowledge my pictures, so I'm now dreaming to become a professional, or at least semi-pro photographer.

Hope this dream become true in the near future.

Thank you all!

Photo credits: , Williamju.

Your article must be written in English



Congrats!...well done and keep up the good work!


Congrats. great images. Your daughter is adorable.:)


Thank you all for your comments.


Good Luck, I think your on the right track...
Cheers :)


Congrats! I think you are lucky to live in such a beautiful country and have the opportunity to capture the culture.


The graduation images are especially nice, your efforts and patience will bring you continued successes!


Congrats! Nice images!

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