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Hello Everyone!

Just want to start by saying I am no SEO expert by any means! But I do have an understanding of just how important keywording is.

However as I learned a great way for key wording in Lightroom that is going to save me a ton of time by the way!! (another story) I started to think about this:

Does anyone add their name as a keyword?

Glass Heads Intelligence Concept

Now I know I am not famous or anything so it is unlikely that someone will search for me specifically ( I am talking more for Google searches rather than DT searches), however giving that people will NOT search for me specifically by my full name they may possibly search by just a first is certainly possible that someone has the word Todd in their search!! I mean...there are billions of people that search the internet right?!?

I figure with Google and any other sites indexing DT our names will eventually get out there and may even help...even if the help is null to sure does not hurt.

I cannot think of any reason not to add our names?

With that being said I am almost sure that someone has a reason not to do this that I can almost feel I am missing.....I mean if it was a good idea everyone would be doing it right?, the only possible thing I can think of is "bad key wording".......after all if it is a picture of a tree with the keyword Todd added to it...will google slap my hand for that (ya know what I mean!).

Hurts my brain ya know!

Depressed Man Sitting

Well I appreciate your time and would love to hear your opinions.

Photo credits: Todd Lipsky.

Your article must be written in English

May 31, 2015


If you have few keywords and you get a hit on one of them it will be stronger than if you got a hit out of 100 keywords. On the other hand it is easier to get a hit if you have many keywords. This is the million dollar question. How to describe accurately in a few keywords a picture. The saying goes: A picture is worth a thousand words.

I have tons of bad keywords, trying to enumerate all the things in the picture, sky grass etc. when it is clear this is not the main subject. Also I am sure even if somebody is looking for sky and grass he will not pick those pictures.

May 30, 2015


Key wording is tricky and upon even more reading I need to clean my keywords up, for example i have been adding keywords for everything I can find in the photo which is wrong, they really should be about the main subject as well as the concept..that I am sure of. Example the photo above is sad, depressing and I want to relay that concept. I got a lot of work to do. Thank you all for your comments.


May 30, 2015


a gook work you have done and that's a great idea.

May 30, 2015


a gook work you have done and that's a great idea.

May 30, 2015


I see the comment about more keywords mean a lower search rank. Really? I didn't know about that. Everything I've read says to be specific and also add concepts if applicable. That's what I've tried to do. I didn't realize I was doing more search harm than good with more synonyms and keywords.

May 30, 2015


Thanks, however the more I think about this the more i would have to disagree with myself, There are some other articles i read regarding keywording and the importance of accuracy. So with that information I will not be adding my name as a keyword.

May 29, 2015


I would say a Dreamstime search is much more important then a Google search. On google everyone searches but on Dreamstime as good as only image interested buyers. I prefer to do it right for “only image buyers” then everyone.

Also keep in mind every extra word will mean a lower search rank. So why you want to affect your search rank in Dreamstime (the place with active buyers) just to match with Google.

If somebody has the first name Michael and a person searches in Google for Michael to get Michael Jackson will not buy an image anyway.

Just my tough my friend .


May 29, 2015


Hi Todd! Interresting thaughts, have never been thinking of adding my name:-)
Anyway, I am also an imagebuyer and I really know how essential good keywords are! Contributors who write correct and precise keywords and uses their imagination are the winners!
As a not native english spoken its sometimes hard to find the correct keywords - personnaly I find wikipedia as a great helper :-)

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