My Krakow

I live in Krakow a very old town. Its old part was the UNESCO.

Here was long the capital of the Polish. Krakow is known as the city of Kings. Here is the very many places to photograph. I am most fond of Kraków by night.

historic building at night

The theatre building

Krakow, Adam Studziński suare in night

Art galleries building in night

Now a bit of the history of the city

Krakow (lnn. Cracovia, in German. Krakau) is a town in southern Poland, county seat of authority, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, second in the country in terms of number of inhabitants and in terms of the surface .

Situated on the Vistula River, in the area of Krakow, and in southern Poland Trough Gate Of Zachodniobeskidzkiego.

Is one of the oldest Polish cities of one thousand history, with many valuable objects.

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Church of St Peter & St Paul by night

Wawel castle

Wawel castle

It also operates many institutions and cultural establishments collecting priceless monuments. In the past, the town belonged to the Hanseatic League, comprising the most important shopping centres in Europe.

In 1795 Poland was formally the capital of the Polish and 1611, the rulers of the Polish State. In the years 1596 – 1795, as the capital of the Republic of Poland, Polish cutting features of shared with Warsaw, which became a residential town of the King . Royal town was the Crown of the Polish Kingdom.

Pursuant to decisions taken at the Congress of Gniezno, from 1000 years the capital of the Diocese of Krakow (one of four in Poland), from 1925 the Archdiocese and metropolis.

It is now the capital of Małopolska, as well as the central hub of the greater metropolitan area. In historical records is considered to be the main town of the historical Lesser Poland

Finally, I will present a few photos taken during the day

Kazimierz Town Hall

Wawel castle

Wawel castle , entrance

Wawel castle

Wawel Castle

Main Square - historical center of Krakow

Part of building

Historic building of university

Thank you for your interest in my city and I invite you to Krakow

Thomas Jurkowski
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I am passionate about photography, I love to stop moments in pictures. Very often I'm leaving far away from home to take a photograph of the place, interesting and full of exoticism. Not parting with my camera, because I know that my frame has not yet revealed all the time looking for it. I live in Poland in Krakow, a very old town full of historical monuments.

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August 03, 2013

I'm very glad to read it. Thank You:))


August 03, 2013

Beautiful series of images, congratulations!


August 03, 2013

Thank You. You are very far from Krakow, but maybe after 100,000 downloads you arrive? :))


August 02, 2013

Great images, amazing place.


August 01, 2013

Come, from Neapole to Krakow is not so terribly far:))


August 01, 2013

Awesome pics, I have to get there. Ciao.


July 31, 2013

Thank you very much for your kind comments. I invite you to visit all the time. Today I made a few new photographs of Castle on Wawel Hill with the beautiful weather. :))


July 31, 2013

Those pictures are really nice, Thomas!


July 31, 2013

Krakow is a beautiful city, a city with great history!Beautiful pictures,Thomas!


July 31, 2013

Beautiful pics :) Thomas. I wish i had a chance to travel to your city while i was living in East Germany....Now it is too far from India but you never know....