My latest sales only sub.

My last eleven sales is only for subscription. What is going on here? I am just me such a sale?

Photo credits: Marian Vejcik.

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If you do microstock, subs are a fact of life. The ratios here actually aren't that bad, my monthly average is just about 50 / 50 between subs & credit with subs overall accounting for about 54% of sales - it swings one way some months and the other way some months.


Selling subscriptions is repeated. :-)


@Dark3y3s, you seem to be doing great. You have a great portfolio, you are young, i.e. your whole life is in front of you, and if you do not mind me saying you look great. Me I am old, fat, and half way done with my time on earth so why not enjoy the ride!


See when you just sit back and relax good things happen. I learned a long time ago that I am not going to get rich doing this but I feel that if I produce enough quality images I can make a few bucks and made be able to take an extra vacation now and then. This is something I really enjoy so even without DT I would still be taking pictures and making digital art.


@Mvogel, I wish I was so optimistic as you are :))


"Feed the beast with uploads and enjoy life."

Like that Mvogel, perhaps this could be the Dreamstime contributors motto.


Thank you all for your comments. Even yesterday I sold a photo for 20 credits 13.80.-$ Bingo!!!


It goes up and down back and fourth. Last month mostly subs for me. This month mostly credit sales including my highest earning credit sale ever. Next month it might go back to all subs. I have tried to use my mental telepathy to force the buyers to only purchase credit sales but it does not seem to be working.

Do not sweat the type of sale. Feed the beast with uploads and enjoy life.


Last month I had mostly subscription sales, but this month mostly credit sales. Seems to go back and forth.


My sales in June are 70% subscription.


From many small sales is a big profit, beautiful images, congratulations!


any sale is a good no? better then nothing at all .. :)

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