My March In a nutshell

My first level 2 image was all from sales on this image in March (i.e. all 5 sales in this month)

Total sales for March 20, doubling my sales for February and almost half of my total sales (44) in one month alone.

My total revenue, close to 3 times more than any other month’s revenue so far (still today and tomorrow to go).

Image mentioned earlier as my first level 2 image, made it onto the Stats & Community page as a member’s choice image. Not sure how this is done or how it becomes a member’s choice image but I am happy for the exposure none the less.

My monthly uploads were more or less what I normally obtain, however I improved my acceptance ration by just over 2%, which If I carry on doing will see me having that much needed ratio to assist with search placements etc…

So for me my March in a nutshell has been wonderful so far, and hopefully an indication of things to come. Here is hoping your March was as good and even better :0)

Photo credits: Fultonsphoto.

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Thank you Irisangel, much appreciated.


Sorry I missed this when you posted it. Congratulations! You are doing great! This image is one of my favorite sunset images, EVER! Good luck and continued success.


Thanks very much Marpit...


What a wonderful photo !!!!


Thanks Rebecca, and I agree that it would be nice if April was better for us all :0)


Congrats.. nice sunset here too.. hope April goes even better for you and for us all!!


Thank you Marilyn.


Good going! I especially love this image!

Best regards,


Thanks to everyone I missed earlier, your comments and wishes are appreciated.




I love March :-) so I am really happy when March is great for people :-) Congratulations to your successes! I wish you to report again good news about April :-) The photo above is splendid!


Great image i am happy for you,for me March its the best month also.Congratulations,Gabriel


Beautiful! Congrats ...


Congrats! I belive you'll have more sales.


Thanks Jjphotos...

Creativei, thanks good to know it has been a good month. Actually I did very little post processing on this image, there was a little done to the contrast to darken the natural red sky but there effects were all natural light rays etc...


Congrats on a great March! Wish you continue success.


A great way to close March in high note. I guess March was really good for everyone. Congrats Waren, Well your level 2 image is really dynamic, How many hours did you spend on Photoshop to achieve that results??? All in all a great start.


Thanks very much Desislava, small on the global scale but positive movement in the right direction :0)


Congrats for your great achievements!

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