My model

I, is his model.

Probably all the women want to be the most beautiful people in the world, but I am not beautiful in fact, and also did not like makeup, so … Actually, I think every people just have wearing cleanly and neatly , that’s enough.

I love laugh, especially laughing to him, and laughing in front of the camera, so 90 percent of all my photos are laughing. Of course, except the no attention time.

I wanted to grow up quickly when I was a child, and dressed up like a mature people, but when I grown up now, I like wearing lovely into looks like younger, so now mostly of my clothes are T-shirts and jeans. My hair is very long, down to the waist, just stay for him, because he have said before that he likes the girl who has the long hair and looks femininity, so I do.

All of these, I just want to let everyone know the real me, the model just for him, because he has said that I am his angel forever.

Photo credits: Lu Yongli.

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May 31, 2008


nice pics and model!!

May 30, 2008


thanks all of you

May 30, 2008


Very nice pictures!!! :)

May 30, 2008


Very nice. And, yes, you are a pretty girl!

May 30, 2008


pretty girl

May 30, 2008


nice pics - red suits you well!! i like the middle one best!

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