My most stunning travel - Svalbard

A few years ago I had unique chance to travel to Svalbard, beautiful, cold island in the North. Svalbard is above the polar circle, so I had the all-round day, the whole day. I plan to put some more pictures, for now only two. Other wait for scanning.

I experienced couple of hyperactive days, nearly no sleep at all, simply there was no night. And, too much fun as well. The pictures I made from an exploration ship. You canot imagine what garment I had on myself. I looked like a polar bear at least, only orange :)

Also, look at Master Picture, from one of DT best:

© F2

More to come.

Photo credits: Anthony Hathaway, Tomdraug.

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Beautiful photos. I'm looking forward for the new ones! :-)


Nice Images


all my friends were scared and their guns were left in the hotel :)


Thats cold enough for me :0) Actually the batteries lasted better than I thought.


It was not too cold, up to -10
I had my trusty Olympus OM-4Ti so battery was not a problem :)
In Alps, it was -20 to -25, on my Sony A700, I burned 3 lithium batteries in 5-6 hours and 300 shots. Not so bad, overall


Nice pics, and once again you managed to make me cold brrrrr...

Ps, how does the battery hold up in such cold conditions?


gorgeous pics! Good luck with them


I was in Norway last October for vacation but I have not reached the swalbard because I was not so equipped, but I would have liked so much, then wait your photos.

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