My most viewed files with less DL, are they so bad?

Should I put them for free? or just leave and wait for sales?

I woukd like to make a bit promotion of my more viewed files with less downloads and if someone is interested in them maybe wants to buy or if someone can give me advice to improve them and re upload ;)

well, let's begin!!

Grey cat, one of my first uploads, uploaded on september 2006, 400 views and 1 download! wow, I won't put it for free bacause of that single upload, if they were at 0 I would offer for free. I suppose there is a enormous amount of better pics of cats out there :P

Made with an old Canon PowerShot A75 which already don't own in the present

Indoor, 246 views and 9 downloads! If nobody is interested on it maybe I should offer for free? I don't dislike the picture, it taked its time to improve the lights and color balance, remove the noise and make it sellable, but it semms that it's not very sellable :/

Another indoor, 241 views and 1 sale. Maybe it's a bit boring? I liked them when I took them and take my time to improve

An abbey cloister, 224 v and 9 dl, yeah this is dull, maybe it could be improved by putting a cloudy blue sky or making colors vivid, what do you think??

Oh man, how was this approved?? 205 v and 0 dl, do you recommend to give for free?? or wait?

This abbey isn't very successful, is it? 165 v and 0 dl

yes, this bread is dull and ugly 164 v and 0 dl

Since I have a lot of bread pics, it's agood idea to put for free in order to improve sales on my other bread pics?

and I will stop with this X-mas grapes

145 v and 0 dl

people don't like it ;)

Well I'm open to all suggestions of improvement or leting them at the free section, or if anyone is interested on any of them or whatever you can say me :)


Photo credits: Titania1980.

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February 22, 2010


Tatiana/Ingrid, hello.
I am not sure if the large view numbers with little or no dls is the cause of not liking your images. it may be due to your keywording.
it would not hurt to double check your keywords to see if there are some irrelevant keywords that might have attracted visitors to these images.
i find reviewing keywords to my older images with the same "problem"
actually could change the situation.
try for less keywords but more accurate ones. and see what happens.

check the keywords to your other images sale, and take a hint from there to decide how to re-keyword these ones.

as for free images. well, i am a harsh disbeliever in giving anything away free.

February 18, 2010


At the end of the day an image float around in your catelogue for some time before it attracts a buyer … and should you release it to the free section it might attract immediate attention, but that does not that that download would have ever occurred as a sale, as many people that are downloading from the free section are doing so, as they do not have budget for purchases.
So I guess what I am saying is that there is no proven record that releasing images into the free section will bolster sales in your premium rated files … However, that said — there is also the opinion that if you give your riches away, they will find their way back to you, many times over. — I am ever hopeful that the latter is the stronger of the two, as I suppose that I must be the die hard optimist —

In the end, if you are at odds about the donation, then you shouldn't consider it, as if they suddenly attract many downloads may experience some level of remorse … and that will tarnish your outlook into the future, for giving more a later stage.

I look at as:
If the image can't make a sale, then perhaps it can make someone's day! — Give it away, and make it your day,as it should & does make you feel great to help someone else …

February 17, 2010


Your images are beautiful. I also have the same problem of you: hundreds of visitors but no DL...

For the moment I dont' want to put them in the free section. The reason is simple: there are almost 8.000.000 images and almost 2.000.000 of buyers. It's not easy find an image in 8.000.000 of's like find a sewing needle in a tray full of needles: you take the first one that meets your needs, without looking too much if it is a needle for wool or for silk. The important thing is that needle is useful for the work you have to do.

Someday someone will find in my illustration the "needle" he/she will search for!

February 17, 2010


Not everyone is a buyer. I look at photos to learn, to get ideas, to admire others' good work etc. I think the fact that you have lots of views means your pictures are interesting and catch the attention of those who browse DT's database.

I would not put them out for free. I have photos that have few sales on this site or even were rejected that are doing amazing at others sites. Sometimes its a matter of luck that your photo matches what the designers using them have in mind.

February 17, 2010


My advice..if you really like the image yourself don't offer it for free! What doesn't sell on one site often sells well on another. I love the cat image by the way.

February 17, 2010


Thank you all for your comments and suggestions, by the way, I've donated the image 5 for free, and re edited the title of the rest, let's see what happens :)

thank you

February 16, 2010


Don't worry about that. Your images can look perfect. Your images can be the best. And, of course, you can improve your images in a million ways. In any case, the quality and subject are not the most important factors -but they are important as well!!!!!.

Talking as a Dreamstime customer (we are in the office), the key factor is how the images fit into the layout the designers are trying to illustrate with the photographs they look for. And, of course, that "X" factor that turn the decision of downloading one image or another.

We at the office have seen FANTASTIC pictures that we'd love to download... but they din't fit our needs. Just look the frogs in our home page flash. We had at least 20 candidates. We may did not picked the best shoots, but we picked the ones that fitted in our layout design.

So it's not your fault if the pictures do not have downloads... it may be just bad luck!

February 16, 2010


The images are rather generic and very well covered in the database. They probably would have sold well in 2006.

Also, I think everyone can expect a percentage of their portfolio to not do well. Even the "big names" have images that just don't sell.

Opinions vary greatly on providing images for free. My only suggestion in that regard is to give one or two away for free and see what happens, don't flip the switch on all of them.

February 16, 2010


The way I look into this problem with so many views and no downloads is that somewhere is lack of visual appearance for those who saw that images. If there is so many views and no downloads it is obvious any of that images should be redone on some better visually attractive way or to check keywords with adding few more relevant.

February 15, 2010


I would donate picture #5 (Abbey) and also choose between 4th or 6th
The cat is great! And I like Chrsitmas grapes: think this picture can wait till next Christmas)
I see nothing wrong with the interiors. Although, I'd change their title to include word "interior".
Good luck with your photos!
I'm waiting for the end of my first year at DT to donate some pictures too)

February 15, 2010


thank you all for your answers! I'll try to change titles and descriptions and some of that,if in few weeks have no sales I'll donate for free :)

February 14, 2010


Gabriel is right about titles, I find that very simple descriptive titles work best as they come up instantly by order of relevancy. People tend to look for simple words.
If you have great photos of similar subjects, I would tend to delete the bad ones, I think that it's good to try and improve the stats of portfolio (downloads per photo and all that). DT has come a long way since you joined and some pictures that were approved then wouldn't be today. Your skills have greatly improved too. If they don't sell and haven't for years, do you or DT really need them? A bit of spring cleaning is always good in my opinion, especially when files are redundant.
I am not too sure yet what to think of the free section.
Hard to decide I know! Good luck :-)

February 14, 2010


Its all about usage. I find the files difficult to use in design - except maybe pic 2 and 3. If alternative pics are better, of course yours are viewed but will not be downloaded.

However, if you put them in the free section most probably they will be downloaded because the alternative is to pay.

February 14, 2010


I agree with Brad & Gabriel! But I have an idea...
You can donate one or two for free, then improve the others & ask DT for replacement! If you have a better version that's what some members do!
All what you suggested on your photo you can try it on your photoshop & see if the replacement will be worth it!
I love the grey cat most! Donate the bread :)))

February 14, 2010


Also keep in mind that older files had views that included ALL non-registered views, while now they only count a portion of those. This inflates the view/download ratio of old files... So not as bad as it may seem! I agree with Justmeyo on the titles - if you haven't hit on what people search on it is worth reworking the title and keywords on them before offering them for free.

February 14, 2010


My opinion it is to change the titles first and see what happen after... Indoor of what?You can try with Elegant living room or something else...i dont know...give it a try.
The photos are great.I like the cat(can you try with Head of cat or close up cat).
I wish you good luck Ingrid:)

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