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My new “editorial” life

In February Dereamstime has launched the new editorial licence and this has changed my photographic life but not only that. Let me explain.

I’ve always loved taking pictures of the places I visit but my obsession was to take pictures with NO people at all, this even before starting selling my images on DT.

With this new licence I’ve discovered a million more possibilities to enjoy my hobby. I started taking pictures with people and I found out that I like taking portraits.

Now I can also publish pictures of my favourite sport: volleyball. And also pictures of the great Italian volleyball players I'm so proud of.

My way of reading the newspaper has changed too. Now I immediately look for events, or unusual things to see and take pictures of.

In occasion of the Half Marathon in my hometown I woke up early even if it was a Sunday, I had breakfast with my husband in the Ducal square waiting for the marathon to start. I then met friends who were going to run. In the end I enjoyed my Sunday much more than I would have if I had rested in bed till late.

The editorial licence is my motivating force to win my laziness and go to make new experiences, so my portfolio is a bit more varied and my life is better too.

Photo credits: Valeria Cantone.

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May 13, 2009


I am new to stock and don't know the rules yet on people !! I take it if it is for editorial you can take photos of people at events and in the street and its OK ? If that is the case then I will be changing the way I shoot from now on as well as I don't have the confidence to ask them to sign a model release just yet ....

September 03, 2008


Thank you Alberto! :))

September 03, 2008


Many time passed from may but...
I like your portfolio.
Good luck, for your "new editorial life"

August 12, 2008


hi Valerial!
I like your editorial pic about vollyball.I play vollyball since 7-8 years old.
let us keep going

May 28, 2008


Thanks Dadina! ;-)

May 28, 2008


Hi Valeria! your editorial pictures are beatiful,I like it. I hope too to have the opportunity to make some editorial pictures!!..Congrats for your new editorial life!!

May 14, 2008


You are great, sister!!!!!! :)))))

May 07, 2008


Very very good job and good shot Valeria!!!! Congrats! :))))

May 07, 2008


Very good job super-valeria! I love all your image!

May 07, 2008


good jobs.
i am not opportunity to get “editorial” .:(

May 06, 2008


Thanks Rob! I like your portfolio, too!!! :)

May 06, 2008


congrats - best of luck with your editorial images

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