My New Baby – My first DSLR

Finally after a long time in photography and then an exciting time in stock photography, I finally ordered for my new DSLR. I bought the Canon Rebel XSI / 450 D with Canon 18-55mm IS Lens & Tamron 70-300mm Di LD Macro Lens. I also got a Canon Battery Grip BG-E5. I am very satisfied with the camera (have to be). Additionally small accessories like 8GB SDCard, Card reader, spare battery & Image recall software to revive data deleted from a card. I ordered all this from Amazon, and after the camera was with me I got some UV haze filters not to filter what it is supposed to, but to save the lens glass from getting unwanted scratches while handling.

Since I have got the camera, I’ve had a frustrating time. Taking family photos n’ stuff like that was not a problem, but when it came to shooting stock or some creative stuff it was. It’s the month of july, when the monsoons (rainy season in India) is gaining momentum very fast. The skies are too dark and its raining like hell. The sun hardly pops out. When it does it does for like 5-6 times in a day for 2 minutes. So by the time you get out your camera and start to shoot something its dark again. You know what happens when you shoot a flower or something like that with a flash. Like many others I hate using flash too, unless its required by the subject. Since I have no artificial lighting setup with me, I haven’t actually shot anything.

Since the camera is new and I am understanding to handle it well, I feel I am still slow (people think I am too fast, and use it as if I already know it). Though the public view is true to a certain point, its not as much as needed to explore my creativity. So finally I managed to capture 2 pictures on my new camera. 1 already got selected for the assignment which is posted on the top left corner of this blog. If you notice, the image size is 4.1 MP. Obviously downsized to retain its sharpness at the macro level, dull lighting, low ISO + rains, worked well I guess… lol! But was happy that the first picture approved from the camera goes directly as a selection for assignment, a lucky sign I guess.

Another shot is a closeup of my dog, which I always failed in capturing, this time I did, but its yet in pending files and I don’t know whether it will be approved or not. What I am excited about is whether my dogs picture at full size (12.1 MP in camera) goes in the Maximum size category on DT??? I mean to say, the effective megapixel that comes up after uploading a picture has always been slight lesser than my earlier cameras showed. So I am very keen to see what happens with that size constraint this time. If it equals 12 MP or 12.1, the picture will have additional size – maximum, which means better income if it is sold at that size.

This camera will also put to rest another question that has been popping up on forums confusing me more time to time. Do pictures taken on an SLR sell more??? My answer has always been – NO to that question. Because I feel what matters is the composition of the picture and the selling potential of the subject. Obviously SLR will improve my approval ratio since the image will have very less technical errors like fringing and noise compared to my S3IS. I am sure that the new camera will mean a good approval rate and a larger variety of sizes to be sold. Though I am not sure whether the sales will improve or not, I am damn sure that my earnings will. I have also made a point to carry my point and shoots with me as well, because I somewhat feel they serve the purpose where my SLR won’t if I don’t have a certain kind of lens. I still used my Canon A410 when I had Canon S3IS because it had a macro zoom that worked well, and still will till I don’t buy a macro lens for my SLR.

Soon I will post my new blog with pictures taken on the SLR, and maybe that blog will be related to the monsoons season in India since that’s the topic I can shoot the best without a studio. Till then for everyone – Take care… God Bless you all!!

Love n’ Regards



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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July 09, 2008


Thank you so much for you kind words Cynthi!

July 08, 2008


Soon your new camera will be like one of your hands. I agree with you that pictures taken with an SLR don't necessarily sell more. I think it has more to do with the photographer than the camera. But if you put a fine tool in the hands of a gifted photographer such as yourself, it can only be a benefit. I know that you will love it.

July 08, 2008


Hey Thanks a lot Maigi :)

July 04, 2008


Hey! Congrats on your new camera, Nikhil! You definitely gonna love it. You can much more play with DOF, use long shutter speeds, it gonna be much more fun and you never look back. I haven't. I'm pretty sure you gonna soon handle your camera faster than you can imagine. Can't wait to see more of your photos. That's really great! Greetings to your sweetheart! Hope you both are happy for the "baby" :))

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