My New Camera

Ok after squeezing over 1,500 stock images out of my micro four thirds camera over the past two years, it was time to cash in some earnings and go pro.

I started out this journey a few years ago after jumping into DLSRs in order to photograph the model railroad layout I was building. Rather quickly photography took over as my passion and the model railroad still is up in the attic unfinished.

Discovering microstock as an outlet for the photographs that were quickly filling up my hard drives, I've never looked back. My micro four thirds Panasonic G camera allowed me to take my camera every where and capture clean shots with deep depth of field. Soon I learned to start making images in the studio instead of driving around the country side trying to find images.

But now I've reached the point that I feel I need to take it to the next level so I bought a Canon EOS 6D full frame camera with the 24- 105mm L lens.

I figured if I was going to get a big giant camera, it might as well have a big giant sensor. After using the very small 4/3rd camera (so small its hard to hold in the big hands), the 6D seems like a monster. Its defiantly not something you are going to carry around and be discrete about.

If fact any notion of selling off the 4/3rds camera has gone out the window because, some times you just don't want the attention that a big camera and lens attracts.

Anyway I'm still figuring out all of the setting and options on the 6D and getting used to concept of a mirror and "live view". But what I can say is that I absolutely love the fact that I haven't touched the noise reduction slider in Adobe Lightroom with the images from this camera.

Photo credits: Peanutroaster.

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I've heard great things about the Sony A7, but in the end its the photographer not the camera that makes the shot.


I recently added the Panasonic G6 to my gear and gotta say, i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE changing the focus point with my thumb on the lcd while looking through the well as some other very cool features the G6 has.
No AF/MF on the camera, just the lenses...but I don't use that all that much anyway.

Although I often have night time fantasy dreams about owning a 36x24 full frame, I'm not sure (unless make a crap-load of money) that I'll get to one of those.
It would cost me more than a fortune to match the range of lenses I have now on m4/3.
Have been drooling over the Sony A7 but omg, $$$$$$$.....dribble, dribble, dribble.......Just have to keep drooling for now.
Have a great Christmas!


I do miss being able to focus any where I touched on the LCD screen on the Pany. Limited focus points on the 6D.

My favorite lens these days is the 35mm F2 with IS. Great for video.

I was rather disappointed with the 24-105mm L kit lens at the far end. Mushy focus even on a tripod.


One thing Im finding with the 6D is Im liking that ISO, Drive Mode, etc with easy to find buttons and the LCD readout on the top. With the Pany it seemed more of a hassle to find this info. Also having the AF/MF as a switch on the lens is great. Very easy to switch back and forth - plus visually check. My tripod though seems over powered by this heavy camera.

I have to agree on the AF/MF switch - I don't understand why that is something they leave off of MFT lenses.


I just got the new 40mm pancake lens as suggested. It's amazingly tiny! Looks like a big lens cap. No doubt a good way to go when in "stealth" mode. Plus the thing is only $150.


Very good choice! I myself own a 6d with a 24-105, a 40m and several Lensbabys. So if you got any questions, sent a pm :-)


Good choice! For image quality, you can't go wrong with a full frame sensor. I have a 5D Mark II and I'm always impressed at the IQ when I zoom an image to 100%. After you ''taste'' big sensors, you won't want to go back to tiny sensors. So congratulations for you're new toy!


One thing I'm finding with the 6D is I'm liking that ISO, Drive Mode, etc with easy to find buttons and the LCD readout on the top. With the Pany it seemed more of a hassle to find this info. Also having the AF/MF as a switch on the lens is great. Very easy to switch back and forth - plus visually check. My tripod though seems over powered by this heavy camera.


I still have one foot in m-land. Still debating my travel kit for Yellowstone this summer - 4/3 with variety of lens or 6D with one lens?


It is a lot of money just to keep your cursor off the noise reduction slider :) I'll miss you over here in mirrorless land!


Djapart - Go for it with whatever you have, we all know its not about the equipment but what you do with it.


congrats for your new gear, i m still using my 4/3 and love it so far..


Very Nice!)Congrats!


Congratulations, enjoy it.


Impressive persistence!


Congrats Edward,

You deserved such a beauty, :))). You worked and working hard for stock photography.

I'm dreaming for a FF DSLR and an L lens


I'll be hanging on to it - boy, does the Pany G3 feel tiny after holding the 6D for a few days. I have a 100 - 300mm lens on the G3 which is good for birds. I don't see myself investing in a $14,000 equivalent for the 6D.

Martingraf - good tip about 40 mm pancake.


I like cams with CCD sensor. So if i were you I will keep the camera. It can still be used, and you have been using it for a while now?




to make the camera look smaller :) I use on my 5D the 40mm pancake - which is, besides it's very light also one of the sharpest lenses I have - congrats to your new camera!


Wish you much fun with your new camera!


Congratulations. It looks like a brilliant camera. Your great portfolio has sold over 1500 images and helped towards this new purchase, which you deserve. Hope you enjoy learning the new camera and look forward to seeing your new photos. All the best.


Congrats! Wish you even greater success with your new camera! :)


Wow, I am jealous :-) But you have worked for it so hard, if anybody deserves it - and needs it! - it has to be you! :-) Looking forward to seeing new images in your ever expanding portfolio.


Thank for the comments.

The larger megapixel RAW images is nice also - room to crop if needed.

I went a little lens crazy with the Pany. I'll probably get a 50 mm 1.4 for the Canon eventually but for now I have pay for this thing.




You'll do great with any camera.
But not having to get rid of noise and be confident about the equipment when shooting is a big step on workflow!


Nice pictures! Congratulations on your purchase!
Well, the noise - yes, it`s a problem. BUT! A professional photographer told me that OM or 4/3 Zuiko Lens + Full Frame = Medium format quality. Really, Oly picture is very beautiful:))
In any case, now you can compare!


Always fun to have new gear. Looking forward to seeing more great images from you. My digital path was Nikon Coolpix 5000, Nikon D100, Nikon D200, Canon 1Ds MK3, 5D MK2....


Yah, kinda similar idea about path here.
I started with the Panny FZ100.
Since i spent a lot of money on a Oly flash for it, when i upgraded i went with the G3 (for other reasons also). then bought a bunch of stuff used.
Got a 45-200. Then replaced 14-42 with 14-45. Then got a 50, 1.4. Then bought a Oly 9-18...and other accessories like tripods, legacy flashes, some legacy lenses and so on.
I guess you'd say I'm invested in m4/3 right now.
Doesn't make any sense for me to sell it all and buy a used full frame with one lens and a would take me years to build and equivalent range of lenses for the full frame...unless I make a crapload of money here over time. Then i likely would.
Excited about the G6 though, eye sensor, focus peaking, faster focus, look thru viewfinder and choose focus point on Those items alone worth upgrading to me, even if the iq is the same or only slightly better.
Studio strobes and such for later. i'm still poking along with flashes and triggers for now.
anyway, nuff said about that. go get 'em.

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