My new camera for future diver

After much thought and find useful for everyday use without professional which I believe not to last long, and is known to be more who wants who can and in this case I would say it was more a whim than anything you cosa.Seguramente I will give use because I like taking pictures but I see what I'm concerned a great future as a photographer.

Since he had long been thinking about it and evaluating different options to pay my camera, always and saved little by little and when and had the money I bought what I wanted, this time value more options because in electronics stores can finance the products you buy but you need to payroll for it, another option that I valued was a small loan informing here where he could apply for funding taking advantage of a promotion of those without interest or something like what advertised on tv type vivus, quebueno etc. .

Finally I decided to be patient and save the money needed to pay once, much better because having no steady job had no payroll and companies this mini loans are heavier than a cow in arms ask and Vivus and even I'm being called to see if they want the money, if the first is free but I do not.

At first I wanted to buy a Nikon but since I'm more of "adventure" I bought a GoPro to be calmer when using it and of course that I with a Nikon would be like a monkey with a calculator lol.

It has nothing to do with the other camera but with a sports camera of these I assure you really spend pipe watching everything you can immortalize a photo and video.

Over time I hope to make pictures like this:

Diver with camera

Photo credits: Jonmilnes.

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