My new camera, my new raw technique, my new photos

Hello DT,

A couple of weeks ago i got a Nikon D5300 camera and i was very happy.Shoots at 25 mpx and that's great . I started to learn more about how to make pictures better. Because i am a self educated i heard about shooting Raw. I didn't know what and why to shoot Raw.

Since i has like 14 years old i edit a lot of JPG files.

On DT Comunity was an comment that said :"Always shoot Raw" and i tried.

After i uploded in my pc i open one file with Photoshop.

It was all white and a lot of bright , no details , and i was like." What is this?" . The i start mixing the Contrast, Blacks,Shadows,Whites and there it is . The pictures looks like Heaven to me and i didn't lose any details.

It's more easy to Edit and the picture looks great .

If you have any other suggestion about shooting Raw let me know. I'm glad to learn more from you guys and maybe other people will learn too. The DT Community for this lesson. Here are some exemple of photos shooted raw:

Wild Cactus flower:

Close up wild flower

Assigment File :

Angry boss

Reed on Lake:

Green reed

Golden Wheat:

Golden Wheat

Golden Wheat 2 :

Golden Wheat

Ancient Greek Ruin:

Ancient greek ruins



More Photos in My Portofoliu

Photo credits: Axylexu.

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Thx alot


Nice pics! I love the frog!


Very nicely done.

I always shoot RAW and I love the flexibility and the ability to do so much more than with a JPEG

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