My new journey into stock photography...

Just yesterday I decided to pursue this 'stock' photography avenue... something I've been a snob about for years. Thinking it was low class and way to much work.

I was wrong.

There are so many wonderful photos out there and what a fun time setting up shots. I've found myself really enjoying coming up with ideas, finding models and shooting the photos!

I'm a mother of two little girls and could definitely use any extra income my way. So I'm hoping someday this will help with that?

Any tips from some seasoned stock photographers?

I'm humbled and willing to learn!

Thank you!

Photo credits: Jannelle Althoff.

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November 15, 2009


lovely work! best of luck! :)

November 14, 2009


Great portfolio! Keep uploading & good luck! Cheers ;)

November 14, 2009


thank you for the compliments!!! And yes, David, i started in 2005 but only uploaded some random photos. i am now officially going to try and create photos with the purpose of stock in mind!

November 14, 2009


Welcome Jannelle! You must keep uploading, have confidence and trust that you'll be a winner in stock photography (Considering your beautiful photos, I think you already are). Good luck! Dragos

November 14, 2009


Your images are great and it looks to me as if you started in 2005 not yesterday !!!!!!!!!!!!! David.

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