My new managed collection

Hands holding green earth

A few days ago I have started my new managed collection "Together for nature".

Together for nature

I love nature and I not only plan to create more images with this topic, but I would also like, step by step, to build a very interesting collection of images:

1) how we people can be happy in nature and with nature

Happy child and rainbow

Child and environment

Child in nature

2) beautiful places of our gorgeous planet Earth:

Rainbow & sea

Oak tree

Mystic landscape

3) wonderful details that surround us

Earth is my home

Green leaf with drops of water

4) how we can help

Protecting The Environment Together is Possible

You are welcomed to see my new collection and, of course, you will be welcomed any time you return "here".

  • Starblue
The origin of the word "photography" is from Greek and means "write with light". I love to "write with light". I will be happy if you enjoy "my writings with lights". Thanks for visiting my portfolio, I wish you good eyes for chosing photos and light in your life!

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Hello I am a novice many failed to understand the future, please take care of, thank you for your very good sales, envy


Beautiful collection! Compliments!!


thanks for your nice comment! Both of you, I also like the image with butterfly, so double thanks for your nice comment :-)


nice collections


Great images, I love the one with the butterfly!