My new photo studio

Hey guys,

Just finished writing the last blog post in a set about converting my garage into a photo studio. You can read the post at my blog

Here is part of that blog post:

"Well, if you are wondering what I have been up to lately I have been working my butt off getting this project finished. We started this project back in April and are just now wrapping it up four months later. As fun as it has been I'm really looking forward to being able to spend a couple weekends not worrying about the next phase of construction and maybe do a little camping and hiking with my family.In the first two blog posts in this set I talked about how we built a shed to store most of what used to be in the garage, in part two I talked about how we took down the garage door and framed in the opening. The final phase was a whopper and consisted of adding electrical outlets and lights, adding insulation, adding drywall, painting, staining the concrete floor and adding baseboard and trim. It makes me tired just writing this all down, luckily I had a lot of help from my family and friends.

There was only one light in the garage, a crummy looking exterior light fixture in the middle of the ceiling that wasn't powerful enough to light the space. There was also only two outlets, not really a great setup for what I was going to need. I did a lot of research and decided on can lights for lighting. I didn't want something that hung from the ceiling and might get in the way of me taking photos later..."

To finish reading and to see photos check out my blog


Photo credits: Travis Manley.

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April 07, 2011


Your studio looks awesome, what a great job you did with it!

August 07, 2009


wow.. :) very nice indeed!


August 06, 2009


You guys did an awesome job! That's a really professional studio, for what used to be a plain old garage. Now you just gotta start booking those shoots, and you'll be crack-a-lackin' :)

August 04, 2009


Thanks for the comments guys, it was totally worth all the hard work and $$$.

August 04, 2009


I remeber when you were working on the door, was great change
And now wow, beautiful work space!
Keep us updated with the photo shots out of there.
Cheers ;)

August 04, 2009


It looks fantastic! Wish I could convert my garage. It's part of the house and it would make an excellent studio. Only snag is, my husband makes wooden toys in there and it's always got some degree of sawdust etc in it. His machinery takes up a lot of room too. Best idea would be a purpose built workshop for him, a bit away from the house to keep down the dust and noise.

August 04, 2009


Great job! Hope it works out well for you.

August 04, 2009


Beautiful studio. Just a dream for me. Good luck Travis

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