My New Photography Website! And My First DT Blog!

I'm excited to announce my new website at Ken Hurst Photography and it's also my first website with my own domain name! And of course it has images such as these below that are available here on Dreamstime.

I created it with iWeb and the wonderful (and free) slideshow program available from JAlbum. Hopefully you'll stop by and take a look at it and of course advice and comments are welcome.

This new site was developed primarily to highlight and bring attention to the stock photography business that my wife, Sandy, and I work on together. At this point it is just a glorified business card on the internet (and a small sampling of my portfolio) but at some point I may add other features - possibly a "fine art" gallery that has the option for online purchasing of prints.

Another new site I've created and that features my photography is my wife Sandy's Shih Tzu dog site at AsDesired Shih Tzu which also features the Dreamstime image (see below) of our two cute Shih Tzu dogs that just happen to be the parents of a beautiful litter of three pups that you can see on the site - and that will inevitably become new stock images on Dreamstime soon!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you stop by to see my new website.


Photo credits: Ken Hurst.

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July 14, 2008


Thanks for sharing with us, Ken. It is wonderful! Jennifer

July 13, 2008


Great works~!

July 13, 2008


Congratulations and well done on your new website. Great images!

July 13, 2008


Looks good. Lots of luck, I hope it brings you more sales. BTW nice portfolio!

July 12, 2008


Congratulations on the new website, it looks awesome!!! I'm working on my own site with iWeb right now also and it should be up and running sometime soon hopefully! I hope that you enjoy your time here on Dreamstime as well, it is a very nice stock site with great support! Have fun!!

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