My new web site


Finally today was born my web site:

Shot! Photo Service

In my site I show some of my pics on dreamstime and on Flickr and then I offer some free services like:

Make brochures, make calendar, make photos on demand and more...

I want to do this mainly to private people and to associations... I think that this site and this services are a good idea... and you?

Please tell me your opinions on my site and if you'll find some errors...

Photo credits: Gennaro86.

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congrats, hope it brings you lots of business and sales!




Hi RosedarcThe site is in english and italian language because I can work with foreign files (retouch, vector, and more)... Then the not italian people can take my free pictures...

I hope to work with models (for free) and get model release to sell the pictures on DT...

Tanks you for you observation


Great website! I wish you good luck and a lot of success!


Nice website Gennaro. Two comments. I'm wondering why your website is in English if you're trying to target people in Campania, wouldn't Italian be better? Also have you tried to find models through your website. If you're shooting for free you could at least try to get model releases for stock, they get a CD of professional looking photos and you can sell them as sock. My connection is not too fast right now so I may have missed some things in your website.


Thanks you!!!




Thanks you!


I wish you success with your new site and hope the venture grows for you :-)

Brett, UK.


Congratulations, good luck with your new project.


Yes, Gennaro! I wish you success! Bye, Rob.


Hello Gennaro congratulations for the site is well done and your photos are beautiful! Good work and good luck! :)


Hi Rob
I offer free service to private (with limitations of number of files), to small business (with limitations of number of files and pixel) and to no profit association...
In this way I want to test my photography quality, find new client, learn new thing about photograpy and maybe it's a very good idea (advertising, referral, donations)...


Hello Gennaro! Your site looks very nice and professional. I have to admit that I can't understand why you offer this kind of free services. Let me explain: it's a great thing (really!) but I think I'll never offer (time, knowledge, equipment, pc, etc.) this kind of services for free.
But maybe it's a very good idea (advertising, referrals, donations) and I'm a little bit stingy :-)
Bye, Rob.

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