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After a lot of years and patience, I finally launched a website for my photography profession. Believe it or not... it still doesn't have a gallery. Lol. The problem is the time taken up by daily uploads doesn't leave me with any time for sorting or creating links from my gallery to DT images. Bur the basic conception of the site was a huge problem, its not the designing that really delayed it for so long.

I held my first analog SLR camera approximately in Jan 2005 which I had to sell immediately due to some financial problems. But its since the year 1998 that the Identity/Term called 'TheFinalMiracle' and me were interlinked. This was an ID I used for counseling and healing people, to protect my own real identity. It was a name actually given to me by a person I had counseled. In Sept 2006, I got my first digital camera, a canon A410 and it was then I registered on Dreamstime thinking that its some EASY MONEY-making website. At the time of registration I casually registered with my ID - TheFinalMiracle, not anticipating of what was to come. After I understood the business and the seriousness it it, I saw that my ID was split in two regions now, photography & the spiritual world. Not to mention the latest addition - Stock Music.

Finally I registered a domain 3 months back and started working on my launched website . I had to basically put all the relevant information related to his name of mine on the site. But photography was a priority because there are clients who know me by this name and not the real one. I immediately designed this futuristic TERMINATOR kind of me with lens on my eye, and laid it as a foundation for my site. Apart from the general information for clients, models and fellow photographers I have promoted Dreamstime through and through (ofcourse with the referral links). I have not promoted any other stock website nor posted their referral because I believe in the structure and people related to Dreamstime so much! That brings me to another thing I came accross in an encyclopedia. There is a term called 'Dreamtime' in Australian Aboriginal mythology, The Dreaming or Altjeringa (also called the Dreamtime) is a sacred 'once upon a time' [1] time out of time in which ancestral Totemic Spirit Beings formed The Creation. This fascinated me too much. Just try to relate it to the site here. ;)

Please visit my website and give me suggestions apart from one "Gallery". I know I have to put it up soon... I will. But generally how did you guys like it? In the spiritual section I will be putting up my profile as well as profiles of some spiritual healers/counselors I know from India. We will offer various services like counseling on relationships, astrology, etc.. and other alternative therapies for health & mental issues. The spiritual site will function independent of the profiles put up there. e.g. My services wont require users to pay fees. They can offer me whatever they want in any form. Its a law of nature.. the circle of life. What we give comes back to us in same way. Putting financial pressure on a person who is in need emotionally or otherwise doesn't seem right to me. But this might not be the same with other healers. Though I have kept it mandatory that they will offer their first service for free, from the second service the healer can ask for their decided fees.

In my last blog Model Releases in Poverty - 2, I had promised that I will remind the bloggers here about the watermelon shoot. I am doing something better than just reminding. I am posting those pictures here. You can see in these pictures... in the eyes of these children that how far is their need for education and simple things in life. Eating a watermelon for the first time itself shows the happiness reflected on their faces... their hunger to have something in life that they saw other rich kids having. I felt very bad in this part of the shoot because half of the kids didn't know that they had to remove the seeds. I had to tell them how it is to be eaten. When I was instructing them they though I was instructing for the shoot, but I had to tell them that its beyond shoot. Its how a watermelon is eaten.

I have recieved an overwhelming response on the poverty pictures and blogs. Thank you everyone who appreciated that I pay these children everytime I shoot them or give them clothes. But this is not a big thing that needs to be appreciated. I feel even when a human being does social service, there is a bit of selfishness behind it, it has a certain ego caressing factor. The helping makes us or others feel good. That shouldn't be there. Actually this theory was also shown in the scenes edited from the new Superman movie. Lex Luthur is exactly saying this same point. But many of us would defy his theory since he is a villian. I did not. I always see that selfishness in every human I have met. But that doesn't mean we should stop helping. We should stop glorifying others and ourselves whenever we help.

A good news is that since long I had a charity concept in mind but could never do it because I am not that big person financially or statuswise. I did my bit through charity concerts or things like that. But recently a student of mine who is quite well-off, is planning to start a new charity organisation. They seeked my advice since they have seen me do a lot of charity with lateral thinking on the way. I will be giving my inputs to them in April, and I am sure they will be accepted. I one day dream to have a charity foundation that will be self-sustained after the initial foundation is made and I believe I will be able to start it after 3-4 years myself. Till then I will also help this new charity that will come up. I will post the information once we are done with things.

But Before I end, I will again urge everyone to look through... anyhow... at the selfishness that makes us feel better when we act selfless. Once you will see it, it will be easier to get over it. I saw it and I am trying. I am still not over it. Till I feel good or different for what I do unto others, that selfishness will show its existence in me.

Lots of Love n' Regards to everyone



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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So many beautiful and lovely eyes!



@ Cleaper - I will try to eat the pips next time :)
@ Creativei - I make all the sites myself. If you visit my main site you will find around 5 sites I host. They are all designed by me. I am a computer engineer by education and did web hosting & designing business some years back. I still provide hosting, but no time for designing.


Good site, did you build it yourself or some agencies did it for you? I like dthe site, its nice.


Interesting blog thanks. I guess not many selfless acts are really selfless as they inherently make us feel good about ourselves. Great images - I love the watermelon ones. By the way - I eat the pips!!

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