My new website

Dear Dreamstimers,

I am happy to announce you my new photography website:

I am open to your critiques and ideas.

Thanks for sharing with me my new presentation.


Photo credits: Dragos Daniel Iliescu.

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January 08, 2010


Very nice, clean and easy to navigate. Excellent images!

January 08, 2010


Hi Dragos. Congratulations on your wonderful website.Its simple & neat. The images are beautiful!!! I agree with Jitka, the "product" section looks amazing. Brilliant suggestions from Maen, as always :) Good Luck and hope to see many more images :)

January 08, 2010


very nice. simple and beautiful!
good luck, mate!

January 08, 2010


What a beautiful images on the web - esp. the "product" part :-) I think Maen is a real expert here and his adviced are always for improvment a web. Good luck with your images!

January 07, 2010


I like it too,it is simple and clean .My advice it is to listen the Maen advices!

January 07, 2010


Nice site, simple and easy to navigate, however as Maen said there could be a few minor changes to enhance the site. Nice pics as well.

January 07, 2010


good idea! thanks a lot!

January 07, 2010


Breathtaking photos! I agree with Maen about watermark...I should use one, also... :)

January 07, 2010


Hello Dragos... Congratulations your new site! It's very simple with great photos, but I have some ideas to share with you:
1- You should watermark the photos to avoid illegal copies & not affect the downloads of photos alike from your portfolio!
2- The home link is the underline of the logo... Should be more visible for easier navigation!
3- The logo should be bigger than a normal text or at least well noticed in the page! You know marketing strategy to fix your name.
4- Contact page has no images which makes it so white.
5- Introduce some text about the author & what's the aim of sharing these photos.
Enough as for now, just my simple opinion! Cheers ;)

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