My new website - will it work on Mac?

Hello everyone,

I have set up my new website, at

© Xalanx
I am not sure if it works on Mac, and I can't test it. Can you boys and girls give me some feedback? Much appreciated.


Photo credits: Xalanx.

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February 16, 2010


Thanks, all
I'll think about a bigger watermark :)

February 16, 2010


yeah it works both on Safari and firefox on Mac. congrats, nice site, I agree with the below comments.

February 15, 2010


It works on my Mac...very nice! I would recommend putting your watermark visibly in the middle of the image. People are known to cut and paste right from the screen. (I know this through the experiences I have had with my website:) )

February 15, 2010


Thanks Mani and Keki!
I am using dfGallery and that by default is raising that "bar" on bottom. You can click on "photos" button to hide it, it's not possible to have it hidden at start.
About watermark - yes I have on all my photos. But I put it where it doesn't affect the image itself. This means that if it's somewhere in the lower part it gets hidden by that bar in the flash.

February 15, 2010


hi I'm using an imac with firefox :)
I agree on the watermark as you'll find people out there taking screen shots or downloading directly :)
i does work on my computer, a bit slow to load between each photo though. (If you don't mind me saying) but - wow! your photography is amazing!!! Love it!!

February 15, 2010


Hello Catalin! Nice site, but I advise you to use a watermark on the photos to avoid any illegal use!
The image browsing bar is cut for smaller screen resolution!
Mine is 1152x864 and even so it's cut! You can avoid that by unlimiting the page height for 100%
Good luck!

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