My next steps

I am in my 7th week on DT now.

I have been on and off a number of photography forums for a couple of years now & never have I learnt as much as I am learning on this site.

My progress in terms of success is slow but definite. I now have 121 images approved and 5 sales. A few kind people even added me as a favourite photographer :).

I am starting to take images with a view to stock, rather than trawling the thousands on my computer to find any which may be suitable. My ratio was about 8 old:2 new and is now about 7 new:3 old.

I am stopping at interesting places I have driven past for years & never visited, such as this temple.

I am spending more time composing shots, thinking about where the lights is, thinking about how I can make the shot more interesting.

Sometimes I am very happy with the results...

I am observing my children and capturing them actually doing things, rather than just smiling for the camera.

They seem much happier with this, as opposed to me trying to orchestrate their every move.

and I am attempting to capture every day items that have enough technically quality to be accepted as stock. This is still a major challenge for me. I think partly because it requires so much more effort, and partly because I don't find the results as rewarding.

I think my dogs will always feature in my photography. They are with me nearly every minute of each day... and they are, after all, what inspired me to replace my little point and shoot with decent camera in the first place...

I still have a long way to go. Quality is still an issue & I have lots to learn about lighting. Sometimes I am right off the mark and a concept I considered stock-worthy is not.

My next practical steps will be to increase technical quality and keep my eyes open for ideas. My next artistic steps will be to move more towards concepts rather than pictures, images that are symbolic rather than cosmetic.

Who knows, I may even have a go at illustrations?

Thank you Dreamstime, thank you for allowing me to participate and thank you for answering what I am sure must seem like dumb questions. One day I hope to be able to support newcomers as I have been supported.

Photo credits: Vickie Priestley.

Your article must be written in English



That is a wonderful photograph of the Baha'i Temple! I am enjoying reading about your progress.


Wow 7 weeks. Ur a fast learner. Seems like you will really make it in microstock.


You're doing very well and have great models! I've had to tell the kids parents to leave them alone and let me get the shots I want! Most of them are natural if you just watch. I've always liked those shots best so now it's paying off. And like you, I now have a reason to stop and get a picture of things I've passed by for years and loved!


You have a very clear goal, that is a successful beginning!




Hi, I think we all have something to learn and this is a good place to do it, but that said, I think you are off to a very good start, just over 120 images online and already you have had assignment submissions accepted, and an editors choice, in my books this means you are doing something right and the efforts will pay off in the end :0)


Certainly DT gives more opportunity to learn, its like a FREE photographic school.


It's a learning process, keep up with your lessons you will be alright.

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